Public relations in China : a powerful tool of communication


Public relations in China is one of the most cost-efficient communication leverages to work on the image and reputation of a company, a product or a brand.

Chinese media represents important relays of information for the promotion of a company in the entire country.

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The reason to choose public relations

The goal of public relations is to win  “the mediatised battle” and to maintain a relation with the journalists in your sector.

Public relations in China work differently from the West in the following aspects: the government has a really strict control on the press agencies, newspapers and portals, the majority of newspapers want to make money before everything, and the Chinese journalists did not have the same ethic as the westerners journalists.

Chinese journalists are (I think) more open to the novelties than westerners journalists who stay very conservative.

You have to be conscious of these factors when you start making actions in public relations.

.press relations


The objective of having a presence on PR in China is to :

  • Increase your reputation in the eyes of people at large or specialized public
  • Improve your image by positive messages
  • Control your reputation


In China, online PR is more popular

Online newspapers and major portals sites assert themselves in China as  the main source of information for Chinese. The majority of people, with a certain amount of purchasing power, read more news on the Internet instead of buying newspaper.

It is thus important for your communication to adapt your PR strategies to this situation.


The main online newspapers in China

Here is the list of the main online newspapers in China :

  • Sina : the most important web portal in China
  • Sohu : the second one
  • 163 / Netease :
  • QQ News
  • Renmingwang (the People’s daily)
  • Xinhua (New China) Press agency
  • Fenghuang (lfeng)

The place of social networks in a PR strategy in China

In China, social networks have great impact. 450 millions of Chinese are connected via social networks who need to communicate with his close relations. Social networks are also a meeting place for the KOL (Key Opinion Leader).

One strategy of PR is thus logically associated with a communication to these Chinese KOL.


A brand fully integrated this. LV, Louis Vuitton

There is a special example in China, the newspaper “China Daily” devote its first page to Louis Vuitton to celebrate the arrival of the Express Train Paris Shanghaï and the opening of a new boutique of the french brand in Shanghaï at the Plaza 66.