Qin’s Team: Chinese Largest Internet mafia?


Recently, there are three people arrested involving online rumor spreading which catches eyes from massive Chinese netizens. And what’s interesting here is though they are involved in different cases, they are person start rumor, person fabricates rumor and person help spread rumors. Among them, Qin Huo Huo’s case is the most astonishing one.
Qin Huo Huo, or Qin Zhi Hui (real name), a famous online rumor fabricator, was “endowed” a name called “Shake over China”, while he gladly accepted this name. Yet who on earth is this guy?

The information from the police shows that the real Qin Huo Huo is only a high school graduate. But he seems to be a well educated person and the rumors he made up also proves that:

  1. the Ministry of Railways and China Railway are controlled by foreign capital in the ”723 Railway Accident”.
  2. “Guo Mei Mei” event which he said Guo Mei Mei who is the manager of Chinese Red Cross likes to flaunt her wealth on weibo, then Chinese government’s charity system lose their credit.

guomeimei FuerdaiGuo Meimei

3. he made up some rumors and attacked vocally Sun Qing Dong, a famous scholar in China.He spread rumors, and slandered Luo Yuan, Dai Xu and other patriotic generals.

4.he boosts Gan Lu Lu’s popularity, and Gan Lu LU is famous by her vulgarity and shameless show.

Qin’s mafia makes considerable profit from making buzz for negative news like “Gan Lu Lu”, ”Guo Mei Mei”, ”Yang Zi Lu” cases. They employ “water army” who can make rumors on big forums, internet media.
When Qin’s mafia achieved their goal, they would disappear quickly on the Internet. He would change names like Chinese Qin Huo Huo, Yanhuang Qin Huo Huo, Huaxia Qin Huo Huo, Dongtu Qin Huo Huo and etc. All of these accounts are registerd by him and banned now. He has a vast network of “Water Army” who help spread rumors by posting and commenting on the post or forums their customers ordered.
They have also developed a process for generate a rumor:
First, Qin made up a rumor;
Then, he spreads rumors and command “Water Army” to attack opponents to attract people fight back or spread the case by sharing;
In the end, he will delete all the accounts he has used and wipe off all the evidence involved, and then he would register a new account waiting for an opportunity to start a new mission.
With this mode, these well-known leaders of public opinion almost control the internet in China.
Internet society is also the rule of law. Police is investigating internet rumors, which reminded people that the online society is still under rule of law, as long as the behavior infringes the boundaries of law, they are subject to legal sanctions.
Internet called “virtual society”, while in fact, and has never been 100% “virtual”.
The new head for public security has already shown his determination for cleaning the online environment, especially on Sina Weibo. As a result, it’s foreseeable that in the following several years, the difficulty of promoting on SNS will become more and more difficult, especially for negative news. Those companies who worry about the reputation crisis will face a new challenge for online reputation management.