Questions about Sina Weibo


What are the main questions about Sina Weibo. Many people in western countries ask me what is Weibo ? how to use it and what the key to communicate on Weibo. Please find the answer here !


-What is Sina Weibo?

Weibo is often compared to Twitter, but actually it’s a little bit different.

First the content: In fact, 14O characters in Chinese enable you to write actually a lot. There even exist small novels in 140 characters, called “Wei Xiaoshuo”, or Micro-novels.

But also on Weibo you can find richer content than on Twitter, with photos, videos, musics, that you can’t integrate to the post on Facebook.

Moreover the “repost” and “comment” function enables you to transform a post in a real discussion.

Another difference is the homepage, in portal mode, classified by themes, subject, popularity…

With more than 50% of the mobile traffic, sina weibo is used a lot by Chinese people. They show their opinions and their daily life on it.

Finally Weibo has a real cultural and social impact. It doesn’t provide information, it IS information. And, even if it censored, it can still reflects the popular issues of Chinese society.

It is true that the traditional Chinese media are not trustful for Chinese people anymore. Thus people turn to Weibo because it “creates” scandals, icons, and make the Chinese vocabulary richer.


–          Who are the Weibo users?

There are usually young, 70% of users under 30, and 40% less than 22. And they usually live in big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou and Chengdu. Weibo users are usually richer than the average, from middle or high class, they are better educated, especially those active users.


–          How can brands communicate with the users?

Firstly the Weibo users are like Chinese consumers in general, they have interest for brands. More than 56% of Weibo users follow at least one brand.

You can use Sina Weibo in many ways; you can create your own applications and customizable sections.

You have to ask the right questions, and elaborate a suitable strategy: Who is my target? What’s the image I want them to see? What kind of content I should put? …

The content is a key factor to attract people to comment and share. There are many different types of content that can easily attract people.


–          What kind of brands are on Weibo?

Chinese brands have an advantage because they are closer to the consumers and the ways to use Weibo, but you find on the network all kinds of brands, from services to restaurants and groceries, even to industry.


–          Is it the best network to communicate with internet users ?

Due to Weibo influence and its base of users, you have to be on Weibo if you want to have a better and greater influence online in China.


–          What place do Facebook and twitter have in China?

Twitter is almost not used in China, except for some young people who interested in “uncensored”.

The other biggest social networks in China are Weixin, or Wechat and QQ, who are more for online chatting.

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