Alibaba will create boom in China’s job market

In Future, the E-commerce giant, “Alibaba economy” is expected to create about 122 million jobs of the total 415 million jobs available in China’s digital economy. This can be estimated to 29.4% of all the jobs available in 2035, which is equivalent to 31 million jobs available today according to BCG analysis data of Alibaba Group.

Services offered by Alibaba

Cloud computing and digital entertainment plays a vital part in future success of Alibaba’s business. The success rate is estimated on the basis of Alibaba’s domestic and international businesses that involves e-commerce and online business services i.e. online shop owner Tao lady, customer service, web design etc. Other activities include Alibaba cloud computing, AliExpress, Ali One Touch, Ali investment in international companies called Lazada.

In 2015, digitalization contributed to 13% in China’s economy which is equal to $1.4 trillion in spending. Presently 15,000 “Tao factories” offer smaller-quantity manufacturing to Taobao sellers and in China’s “Taobao villages” famers are given job opportunities by contributing at centers of e- commerce in China’s rural areas.

“Alibaba economy” indeed holds a big share in success of China’s rapid growing economy. Foreign businesses can be part of it, if they penetrate in the market locally with the help of digital platforms. Digital marketing is offered by local Digital marketing agencies, that are able to find the right audience for your brand.