Do you Really Need an E-commerce Strategy in china?

Ecommerce is a broad topic that spans lots of areas. Yes, all thee areas have their own specific objective and goals; they work together to build and maintain an end-to-end successful experience.

Each perspective has its own added value for overall strategy.


Plan Your Strategie and gain value in the market

Anyone who wants to enter the e-commerce world needs to consider the demands of the multiple stakeholders by building a successful strategy. Ultimately, the customer experience desired will drive the businesses focus on the technologies used and the security measures used in implementing to build the trust, repetitive business, referrals and loyalty.

Is E-commerce Strategy Important?

If you have an ecommerce strategy, you will be able to meet your objectives and goals, regardless of what your organizations focus’s are. The key to unlock it is the insurance of having an appropriate strategy that holds the needs of your business.

To begin, look at your website, make sure your website is not just in Chinese. To get your business running in china, your first aim is to build a Chinese website but your aim should be also to provide a site that not just helps them in understanding but defines your business strategy, sets the goals, the metrics and crafts the site in order to meet your objectives.

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What to do?

Make sure your ecommerce strategy is different than the strategies made for other countries because all countries have their own requirements. Another difference is the social site in china. In china, Baidu is Google, Weibo is Twitter, Youku is YouTube and Tmall is EBay. If you have a Twitter account, most of your Chinese clients will not be able to see it, as Twitter is accessible by only 50%.

To attract the new Chinese customers, you need to implement a website that fits all the market specifications such as PPC on Tmall and Baidu along with Search Engine Optimization. Use the other marketplaces like Taobao, Paipai and JD allow increasing your online visibility in China.

It is important to gain loyalty of your customers for which having a pleasant ecommerce strategy is very important and you can use the major Chinese social networks like Renren, WeChat and Weibo. They will help you to engage your customers and help them provide comprehensive information of the products.

It is vital for you to promote your brand’s image on the ecommerce Chinese market on both offline and online channels. The digital marketing solutions for China are social Networks, SEO, PPC and promote your products to the respective audience and gain enhanced brand recognition.

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What are the vital parts of e-commerce strategy?

Benchmark and Research: here you must target the audience and take in customer interviews to access what they want. Take in your competitor’s analysis the SEO keyword research so your site is easily found and set your expectations and objectives.

Plan out the following: Your User/Functional requirements and digital marketing strategy tools and marketplace vs. Website and Creativeness.

Implement: Shop in the marketplace (JD, Tmall etc), use stand-alone websites like Drupal, Magento and Hyris.

Another part of your strategy should be the allocation of your budget by using the appropriate channels available in China like:

–        The Marketplaces: Yihaodian, qq, Baidu, Paipai, JD/360Buy or Taobao/Tmall

–        Search Engine: Sogou, Bing, Baidu, Google HK and Qihoo 360

–        Pay per click (PPC) / Search Engine Marketing: Taobao, Baidu and Tmall

–        Display: Affiliate marketing, Baidu branding and Tmall to name a few

It is hard to have an e-commerce website in China. So, we will help you to define a dashboard to measure your business performance. Our approach is statistics oriented to include KPIs (Keep Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment).

A minimum set of KPIs that will help you to measure, understand and optimize your e-business:

–        Traffic

–        Stickiness

–        Conversion

–        Customer retention

–        Sales

–        Profit margin

–        Profit per digital marketing tool


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