Fast food ……. Fat people

If it was banned in the 1980’s years in China; liposuction with the economic boom imposed itself. And today it is considered to be the most popular procedure in the country.
Liposuction find its place in China with the economic boom and the change of the eating habits. Chinese like more and more fast food and as a consequence the number of overweight or obese people is increasing as well. So in order for them to loose kilos, they took this new habit of practising liposuction.


A luxury purchase?

Just like showing off your wealth with cars, houses, money today it is also shown by your cosmetic surgery. The first class people, more women than men are those whose practice a lot liposuction to look prettier, to show themselves under the best light.

Wonderful numbers

In the whole China today there are around 34 000 of cosmetic surgery institutions. They are found in public hospitals, in clinics and in beauty institutions too. Every year, we can count in China around 3 million cases of liposuctions across the country. Since 2011 cosmetics institutions doubled their number of customers.

Modern instruments

There are now a lot of modern instruments of liposuctions used and created in China this also increase the number of consumers that have more faith in modern instruments.

Western and stars attraction

Chinese people have particular attraction for the western profiles. Most of them want to look like western people. They do liposuction to have full lips, large breasts, and long legs. Some of them on the other hand want to look like their favourite Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese stars

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