To be clear with potential candidates , we will explain how we operate , our needs and expectations in terms of recruitment.


About GMA (Gentlemen Marketing Agency )

Result Oriented Agency

We are a Marketing Agency focus on Results, so it is imperative that candidates understand the challenges of the web, interested in the world of digital and Chinese are educated to a minimum on our company and services.

Fast Growthing Company.

We are moving and expanding very fast. +300% per Year.

Top startup in China Ranking Here

Pure Digital Player

We only do Digital Marketing.  We only recruit Digital Champion.


Here is a video featuring our services

Job Marketing Shanghai – Recruitment at GMA

Our requirements

We want active candidates

We run on a start up business model. Overflowing with ideas and projects, it will be very difficult to get bored , hours are long , as they are in all companies. We are fond of active and energetic profiles, with a knack for giving ideas .

Job Marketing Shanghai


One of the greatest values of our agency is efficiency in terms of results. We promise our customers results and optimize our time, our efforts and startegies.

All employees have a lot of work , and must complete their assignments in due time. This is a necessary requirement for our companyways to gain visibility to our customers, improve their image and boost their business .

Job Marketing Shanghai

Loving the Digital

We are an agency 90% digital , so focused Web . We are a team of Geek , Web enthusiasts , if you do not particularly like the web, it will be difficult for you to spend 8 to 10h in front of your screen … We appreciate people who are passionate about their work , and Web is more than a passion it is a calling .

Be connected with China

We are an agency based in Shanghai, China , so it will be essential that the candidate like China, enjoys working with Chinese , understand the Chinese market, like living in China …

English is imperative , but I guess you knew that. Speaking Chinese is a plus …

The Business Intelligence

An agency must have a business intelligence , and an agency is a group of people who work together on behalf of companies, brands. You need to have the business sense of the Web, to have this inquiring mind focused Web .

The strengths of GMA


Good team spirit :

Team of young , ambiance Start Up , schedule flexibility, we are very happy with the atmosphere in our office. We try through regular outings , to create a good team spirit for the right atmosphere .


We learn every day, we must be at the forefront of technology. We train new recruits …


Working in a dynamic company is really something very valuable , we’re open to new ideas , new projects for us and often for our customers.

Web :

It focuses web, performing in what we do, SEO on Baidu, Chinese social networks, buzz on Chinese web

Visibility and Reputation:

We work hard to be visible up on the web, and have a good reputation with our customers and business in general.

Positions (regularly) available:

Community Manager / Copy Writer / PR ( Internship & Regular Job)

  • Spread a good word about us and our customers
  • Talk to the community
  • Write quality content
  • Establish partnerships with other sites

Salary 5-12k Rmb Depend on Experience


Account Manager (local contract or long -term placement )

  • Person able to manage a project
  • Having a privileged relationship with our customers
  • Drive our teams to ensure the success of our customers.
  • Reporting
  • Offer new services to our customers

Salary 7-15k + bonus depend on Experience & Results



Digital Marketer (Chinese)- Digital Planner and Digital Specialist

  • Establish strategic plans for our clients
  • Think of digital solutions
  • Manage campaigns in the tourism sector , ecommerce , food and industrial
    prepare reports and be force of proposal

Salary 8-16k Depend on Experience

Business Development / consultant (long term internship or local contract)

  • Doing business development
  • Meet potential clients of the Agency
  • Advising clients , have an advisory role rather than seller
  • Able to refer clients on best practices
  • Write proposals , quotation  .

Basic Salary 7k +Commission  Depend your Results.


Other specific profile , please send your CV , cover letter in the body of the email , preferably in English or Chinese.

How to Contact us. 

  1. [email protected]
  2. Subject: Recruitment + post