Chinese consumers of red wine?


This article will paint a picture of a red wine consumers in China according to a Chinese entrepreneur who sells wine in the city of Suzhou.

This entrepreneur spent some years in France and during his time there he became fond of France’s bread and wine, and came back to China with a business plan: sell red wine to the Chinese market and become an expert in the wine industry in China.

We are honored to share his experience and his vision of the Chinese wine market.

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Different types of Chinese consumers of red wine ?

China red wine market


Any product must meet a target, and a company must target its customers.

First we must keep in mind that China is a developing market with infinite growth. But many wine sellers are still trying to figure out a to break into the market. Who are the red wine consumers in China ? And how do we deal with expectations.


Government Officials



Government officials makes up a big chunk of the wine consumer market in China. The way officials conduct work involves a lot of wine consumption because it is known to be an expensive commodity. But getting your foot in the door of this market can be a tricky one, but if captured can be rewarding.


Officials do not attach that much importance to price or quality of the wine. Their choice is based mostly on their specific taste and the health factor. The rich officials have a strong emphasis on living a long and prosperous life, so the mild nature and health benefits of wine is a better choice compared to the harsh 50 degree baiju (白酒) Chinese people are traditionally use to drinking.



Young executives


The young educated Chinese executives are the new more worldly generation of China. With more international influences their taste for the finer things in life makes them a huge target for whine. It’s seen as a classy and health conscious drink, in China it is believed red wine is good for your skin and keeps you looking young. Which is a huge draw for this image conscious generation.


Wine also goes hand in hand with traveling. And when these executives travel abroad they are exposed to world class wines which really develops their palate for wine.


Most of them work for large international companies. Their numbers are limited, but each of these executives have a high purchasing power the wine industry should pay attention to.



The old man



Living a long and healthy later life is a priority for older Chinese citizens. In their generation, they were use to drinking strong alcoholic beverages such as Baijiu or huangjiu. With the fast changing society in China diet is also changing, Chinese rice wine will always be a traditional alcoholic beverage but red wine is slowly taking over as the choice of drink for older Chinese citizens.


You can often see old men in supermarkets picking up red wine for their personal consumption, and with time this trend will expand and evolve. The Chinese elders can be a good potential market, but unlike other consumers in China they are more interested in quantity than quality. They aren’t as willing to spend a lot of money on a fancy bottle of imported red wine, instead they like to purchase local brands like Great Wall wines for an economical price since they consume wine mostly for health benefits and not for enjoyment.



Young couple

The Chinese youngsters today love the kind of ambiance wine can create when they are on romantic dates with the opposite sex. Taking your date to a romantic wine bar and sipping on a glass of imported Pinot is the ultimate way to romance your interest. A collaborator of mine runs a wine bar in a fashionable area in Suzhou, and the wine he stocks were mostly aimed for the young couples who likes to come in for a romantic glass of wine and music.

But this group of consumers aren’t steady clients because their main interest in wine is for the ambiance not really embracing it as part of their lifestyle. They will only drink wine when they go out or for special occasions. But many of these youngsters might grow up to become young executives so their taste for wine can be developed for future potential.





Foreigners in China



The last part of consumers of red wine is made up of foreigners in China. As China internationalizes foreigners are growing in number. They are very reliable consumers with high consumption power. Nevertheless their number is limited especially in second and third tier cities in China.

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