Renovation of La Samaritaine in Paris to attract Chinese tourists

In 2005 in Paris, LVMH had closed the huge complex, La Samaritaine, for security reasons. However, with the importance of the Chinese tourism in Paris, LVMH decided to renovate La Samaritaine to transform this giant complex in luxury shopping spot (but not only!). To achieve the expected results in 2017, LVMH does not skimp on its resources. More than 600 million dollars will be injected into the project that will combine several services: boutiques, but also its first five-star hotel named The “Cheval Blanc”, a nursery, business offices, and even housing. A real and beautiful challenge!

Some figures of La Samaritaine’s area


The project is running so the area devoted to each service is not yet defined. We already know that on the 860,000 square-feet (80,000m²) building, approximately 300,000 square-feet (28 000m²) will be dedicated to retail space with 21,500 square-feet (2000m²) dedicated to only watch shops. The hotel Cheval Blanc will provide about 90 prestigious suites in the best part of the complex, overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. Finally, La Samaritaine accounts devote 10% of its space to social housing well as a center care.

One project, one goal: to attract Chinese tourists

consommatrice luxe chinoise

The colossal project of La Samaritaine has a clear objective: to attract tourists and especially Chinese tourists. La Samaritaine aims to be an exceptional place and incomparable to existing Parisian other complex (such as Printemps or Galeries Lafayette). LVMH wants to attract a high-end target. To do this, the group plans to develop parking facilities capable of hosting busloads, to recruit multilingual staff and to set up tax-free cash registers. Nothing is left to chance to get his heart target. Indeed, the firm has long understood the importance of tourists to Paris for the French economy, but especially for the luxury industry.

The Chinese clientele tourist is the first foreign customer to consume luxury goods in France. There are 8 million annual Chinese visitors in France. For them, brands as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Burberry are the most popular. Finally, it is important to note that tourists now account for 30% of buyers along the Rue de Rivoli (which borders one side of the complex La Samaritaine), against only 10% 5 years ago (see our article about the chinese tourism market).

Discover the official website (in french).