Don’t mess with  Chinese female consumers


Last year,  the famous left hook from Wendi Deng, the wife of Rupert Murdoch, has sent a message to the world: don’t mess with  Chinese females!

Joking aside. Yet some companies never take the lesson, even this company only focus on men’s clothing. Even the biggest company can make mistakes and suffer from the punishment for insulting Chinese females.

K-boxing Fashion emerged in 1983 in Fujian, China. With twenty-plus years, K-boxing has become one of the biggest companies in China men’s clothing market. Their products are branded as masculine clothing for men.

logo of K-BOXING

logo of K-BOXING

One of their advertising video maybe become too masculine.

In this video, the wife helped her husband to put on suit and told him that she could not manage to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. The husband then only said, “thank you” and left.  The man has never turned back to see his wife from beginning to the end while his wife still looks satisfied.

Many people, especially female feel uncomfortable after watching this video. As one netizen pointed out, “this is a disgusting show of male chauvinism”.

Wangyi, one of the most influential portal launched a series of vote for this video.

From this table we can see that over 60% interviewees think it insults female.

Male chauvinism doesn’t seem to be attractive in China that 60% interviewees mark this ad “0” to show their anger.

As a result, K-boxing lost their attraction to the customers. 65% of the people show their strong rejection to this brand. Another 10%, who are existing customers also express their repugnance and want to stop being their customers.

That’s the lesson from K-boxing. Losing the trust from customers is never a good news for a company. This survey goes to show that females in China have a strong voice in consumption.  Even if they are not your direct target, they can still influence your target. So take things into consideration when you throw out a product.

Does your target customers include Chinese females? Do you know what they like?

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Source: Wangyi News