A Results Oriented PR Agency in China

PR and exposure in the media is a vital component to any successful marketing campaign. In China it goes without saying that English news and content about your company or brand will likely not be detected. Keyword searches are conducted in Mandarin Chinese whilst users browse Chinese news networks such as News168, Sohu, Ifeng etc.


Exposure in the media needs to be facilitated, it’s typically a four step process:

  • Content Curation
  • Content Creation
  • Content Sharing via Quality Portals
  • Content Management


Curation: We work closely with businesses to take the best raw materials they have on the brand and tailor this to the Chinese market.

Creation: Our team of bi-lingual copywriters adapt and re-shape content into Mandarin Chinese, literal translation does not suffice as linguistically the language is so different.

Content Sharing: We have established strong networks with journalists in order to connect quality content with writers and publishers.

Content Management: Managing results in terms of exposure, link building, and comments monitoring.

PR Agency in China

PR Agency in China


Story Telling is Key:

The art of a good Press Release in China is not just write a ‘dry’ press release but to tell stories about your business. What is your USP and how do you connect with local Chinese consumers. We tailor and adapt stories to build a stronger brand recognition and create trust.

Trust is the number one currency in China, especially in a market often associated with cheating companies and counterfeit products etc.


International Brands

It is always worth highlighting in PR that you are an international brand and build this into the story, emphasize acumen and past successes that link to your expansion into China, discerning readers want to understand more about the brand.


Results Driven

When it comes to PR you have to be fixated on results. Clear KPI can be set in terms of publication numbers and exposure. It is effective to create an ‘echo chamber’ in terms of exposure with PR pumped out within a pre-determined time frame to multiple sources.


Improving your SEO ranking on Baidu

This is a very important function of appearing in the Chinese e-media, it directly correlates with your company ranking in the natural search results. News sites rank highly and will appear based on keywords relevant to your business. Ranking in the natural results is the best way to drive qualified traffic.


Developing Your Reputation

Reputation is everything in China, to be deemed as newsworthy is incredibly important for any serious market entrant. You need to start to build a wealth of published material that will have an impact not just in the short term but also build your long-term reputation.


Sharing Publications on Social Media

This is an effective approach. Sharing quality content on Chinese platforms such as WeChat & Weibo has always been a great way to promote engagement and develop loyalty. Sharing official news sources are more often re-posted on your followers news feed and are seen as credible and reputable.



Connections with Local Journalists

Connecting with local journalists and publishers allows for the best exposure. It also speeds up the process which is important when timing is of the essence (for example you have a specific event or product launch).


Measuring Results

Measuring results is key, did the publication increase traffic and conversion rates, did the quality of prospects/traffic increase and how many impressions did an article create? All of this information is vital to feedback into a campaign report to ascertain the success or failure of a campaign. Analytics and reporting always determines the next phase.


Quality Images & Aesthetic

It’s never just about the text, we need quality, high resolution images to reinforce the message and keep the text ‘on brand’. In China PR can be a little more overtly branded as long as there is still quality news material in their also, welcome to a hyper consumerist society!


PR Agency in China Shanghai


Data & Statistics

Quality graphs for data presentation are important, this makes complex information accessible and clearer for readers. Remember you only have 6 seconds to grab a users attention on a page, we therefore design and format pages accordingly to reduce this ‘bounce rate’.


A Supportive Role

Typically we combine a PR campaign with Baidu SEO/SEM (visibility on China’s Google), Forum Reputation and a Social Media campaign on WeChat, PR assists in every stage of this process.


An example of our work for a Real Estate Company

Here is an example of our work for ‘Damac’, a luxury real estate firm based in Dubai. See below for content publication list, it’s an example of how you can create that ‘echo chamber’ and generate a lot of attention online through e-media. Damac were generating 120 Real Estate Leads per month and PR was certainly a large part of this.


PR Agency in China : Results

Type of Media Link
Self Media http://business.sohu.com/20170217/n480940955.shtml
PR http://www.70tt.com/caijinglicai/716703.html
PR http://576806.kuaizhan.com/28/11/p4081656575b8fd
PR http://www.btradio.com.cn/money/4926.html
PR http://www.pingshanba.net/f6a1buc620170217c6n480940955.html
PR http://www.vccoo.com/v/8zt8e3?source=rss
Self Media http://mt.sohu.com/20170218/n481076377.shtml
PR http://www.myzaker.com/article/58a921d91bc8e00a30000004/
Self Media http://mt.sohu.com/20170224/n481606608.shtml
PR http://news.nxing.cn/jinrongnews/11410636.html?security_verify_data=313932302c31303830
Self Media http://mt.sohu.com/20170224/n481666181.shtml
PR http://www.3023.com/3/690650624.html
Self Media http://mini.eastday.com/a/170226150414893-2.html
Self Media http://www.najiaoluo.com/caijing/3002586.html
Self Media http://mt.sohu.com/business/d20170224/127193824_465357.shtml

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