Due the penetration of internet and mobile devices there are a large number of APPs. However some of them have not been developed to please everyone.

Primo is a Japanese APP which has the ability to remove the pictures retouched.

Selfies are a global phenomenon, however this trend in China has become an obsession without gender, age or geographical differences.

No matter the place, Chinese young are taking selfies everywhere and constantly. This new trend is already part of their behavior and even could become a necessity for them. They are obsessed to take photos of themselves with the purpose to share those pictures on social media platforms.

They love selfies and therefore they want to improve their pictures as much as possible. In order to ‘elevate’ the selfie experience there are some apps that are based on the facial alteration to enlarge eyes, whitening skin or changing the shape of the chin.



The Chinese younger generation is manipulating and touching up their pictures to change their physical aspect in order to improve their image. Through this new trend of retouched pictures, they are looking for large eyes, porcelain skin and a tapered chin. They utilize some tools such as Photoshop, apps and even cameras with special features in order to look like their concept of ideal beauty.

Through those retouches they want to find the aesthetic perfection. But what is their ideal of beauty?

A vast number of Chinese people wish to look more “western”. During the last years, the Chinese ideal of woman beauty has taken a strong swing toward Western standards with many young girls desperate for a sharper chin or large eyes. Besides, these kind of aesthetic features are also desirable among many Asian cultures. That is the reason why many Chinese have decided edit their pictures, they want to reach their standards of beauty.


However, a Japanese developer has designed an app that does the opposite. This app was developed with the aim to remove all the retouches to show how their real appearance is.

Primo is the name of this controversial app. It functionality is based on its power to suppress any improvement in the pictures and restores the photos to its original state. That means that Primo is able to undo effects such as enlarged eyes, skin tone changes and lightened teeth.
Thanks to this app, people can see the reality instead of falling for beautiful and perfect pictures. That’s why people who are using retouch techniques have to be more careful because now, everyone can know the true. However, this app is only available for IOS devices.


However, this app which shows the reality has caused some complains in those people who modify their pictures to improve their image. They declare that the app doesn’t recover the original photos, and to the contrary only makes fatter the face of the people and eyes smaller.
Nowadays, the Chinese culture is a “love myself” culture and there are many companies that are taking advantage of this kind of narcissism. For instance, some brands have integrated the selfie culture as a tool on their marketing strategies.

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