The digital market, the new place to advertise

According to a survey by EMarketer, between 2013 and 2014, the global adverstising spending will increase, reaching 5.7%, which is double that last year. Why ? Especially because of the digital and mobile marketing expenditures that are driven by the growth of e-commerce.

Digital advertising is, for the first time, forecast to count for more than 25% of the total advertising spending by next year. When media spending pick at €400 billion this year compared to €380 billion last year, the digital advertising will represent a total of €100 billion. With an increase of 16.7% from the year before, it is just the beginning !


The increase of the mobile marketing spending

It is the largest growth project in global advertising spending since ever. Part of it, the mobile marketing spending is representing almost a quarter of all on-line media expenditure with a growth of 85% this year reaching €25 billion.

The Director of Public Relations of EMarketer, Dan Marcec said « The learning curve for mobile is all starting to get figured out now. Publishers like Facebook and Google have started to understand consumer behaviour on these devices ».

Those big social media firms (such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) are trying to find a way to generate revenue from mobile advertising. They are aware of the opportunity of consumers increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to play games, do their shopping, communicate together on social network.


What to expect in the future ?

By 2018, expert believes that mobile advertising spending will for more than 50% of all on-line media and for at least one-third of total advertising spending. Thanks to both the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the Soccer World Cup in Brazil, mobile advertising market has picked more than ever before.

US is the most advertising spending country in the world with more than €135 billion this year and an estimated €415 per person. As a comparison, China, which is the second most populous country in the world, will become the second largest advertising spender but with only a spending of €27 per person. Another fact is that the mobile advertising expenditure in US will represent about 70% of the total digital media spending in 2018 while it will be only 18% in China.

Whether it is China, India or other emerging markets, the mobile advertising dollars should remain comparatively small compared to other countries.

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