Marketing strategy and public relations are often link. Both want to influence the consumers. And they have one common goal : consumer has to act in a beneficial way for the organization.

If you have understand that in China you have to adapt your Geolocalised your Marketing to this particular market, you need also to adapt your public relations. The public relation subject is one of the most touchy subject in China. Lot of companies fail because they don’t understand the role of the governement in media and how powerfull it is. This role must be taken in account when you engage a strategy in China. Nearly all forms of media have some sort of relationship with government organizations.


That’s why extra care must be taken not to interfere with government interests. But, since few years, the interference from the CCP is reduced due to the elimination of government subsidies for media outlets.

How to manage public relation in China.

We will explain you in this article how to manage public relation in China.


Knowledge of these external influences can determine the success of your China public relations strategy.



China is one of the few countries where print media has not faced a steep decline. Newspapers have still success among consumers. In 2015, China had over 2,200 newspapers, 9,000 magazines. But, this trends start to change. With the increase of online media platforms it reduced the power of print media.


The online newspapers most appreciated by consummers are Sina, 163, Fenghuang, Sohu, Xinhua and QQ News …

but News PeopleDaily (Reningwang) is not popular at all in China.


The increase of online media made the landscape even more fragmented and seems complicated for New Players to the market. But it presents lot of opportunities for China public relations strategy. Many of this online media platforms are independent of the governement soi t will be easier to access to this kind of platforms.




Hong Kong and Taïwan are different than China. Culture, values, languages are not the same.

Yes the language is NOT the same.

  • Traditional Chinese : Hong kong and Taiwan
  • Simplifed Chinese for China

You need to adapt your communication to be more effective. Localization is the most important aspect of developing your China public relations strategy.

  • Taiwan & Hong Kong use Facebook & Google.
  • Chinese use Baidu & Wechat

Messages must be adapt to this different market. You can’t send the same message in Taïwan and in Hong Kong. Even in China, with the all the different areas, you need to be careful to use the good language and highlight the good values. Messages must also align with the ideals and aspirations of the Chinese government, as many media outlets are largely controlled directly by the state.


If you work with chinese specialists and/or native content writers it’s better. They have the keys to write the perfect message for your consumers and for the government. It will be more effective upon your target.




Media are always control by the chinese government. They must stay aligned with the overall official state persepectives. Their flexibility is reduced. They can do some less official content but not a lot.

However they try to look for stories which can be effective in driving saled and attract consumers.


Press conferences looks very popular in China. It’s often attended by journalists. It the best time for companies to give more details to their consumers such as : product launches, presentations…

You can also do your own press releases. It’s a strong tool to create relationships with media agencies. It’s also a great way to control the data about your company.

Tips : Chinese journalist prefer Press Release be Well written in a ready- to-be-published format.



Social media are very important in your china public relation strategy. Chinese people, more than in countries are very active on social media. We often think that the most famous social media like wechat and weibo are more effective but it’s not true.  The smaller forums are more effective, especially if you are a small brand. It’s a REALLY hard worl for small brands to earn awareness on this big social medias. They will be crushed by big companies which capture all the light.


Using of social media is effective in your public relation strategy because you can create content shareable. You can communicate with your consumers and create a community of followers. You create engagement with users and I will improve your reputation.


Social media have to be a big part of your public relation strategy.


Public relation is not so hard to understand in China. You need to know how it works and values of this culture if you don’t want to fail or to create an impair.

Power of the governement can’t be put aside because he influence all media. In addition, language barriers between brands and consumers have to be take into account. Keep in mind that China is not a market like other. It’s better if you find specialist of the chinese market or a native to help you to create your public relation strategy.



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