Search Engine Optimisation in China


SEO (search Engine optimisation) is the most efficient way to reach targeted customer among 900 millions Chinese netitizens.


SEO in China

SEO in China is becoming more and more a qualitative work every day. Both Chinese Netizens and search engines favor much more quality websites than before.

In China the two major search engines dominating the SEO Market are Baidu and Google.

With : constant improvement and required with the focus on ‘quality’. Further algorithm changes have put even more of an emphasis on ‘quality’ and Social.

Baidu is Chinese oriented, giving priority to Chinese websites. Baidu is used by about 80% of the Chinese Internet population. It makes Baidu the leader in China SEO.


Baidu SEO


We have both knowledage and experience in selecting best keywords, increasing the rank and optimizing the websites.


SEO is a Race

SEO China.

Our SEO process :

  1. Analyze customer’s business, customers and market
  2. Identify the best Keywords
  3. Analyze your competitors
  4. Optimize your website and pages
  5. Create Content, (quality content)
  6. Link building strategy
  7. Analyze the result and report
  8. Let Chinese customers contact you via your Website and make business with them 😉

.Search Engine Optimisation in China 

Search Engine Optimisation in China is the based of LEad Generation Strategy. We help to get Free Visitors from Chinese search Engine like Baidu or Sogou.
Baidu in 2017 has 70% of market shares, so we focus our effort on the Dominant Search Engine in China.

SEO Campaign in China

1 Analyse your Website and Customer target

2 Define SEO strategy, keywords

3 Optimise your Website

4 SEO Campaign can start  (80% ofthe work)

  • Content update (Chinese Articles onsite)
  • Backlinks Acquisition – Inbound Marketing
  • Optimisation User experiences
  • Increase the Trustrank of the Website



We are the Most Efficient SEO agency in China.

  • 300 SEO projects already
  • Guaranty Results
  • Cost effective Price


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