The beach of the seaside city Qingdao, famous for its beer, is recently invaded by green algae. The authorities are powerless: the 20 000 tons of algae removed in a few days have failed to curb the proliferation of the rampant “Enteromorpha Proliferas.”


The wave of green pollution affects the beach in Qingdao by affecting the ecosystem with its putrefaction and stifling many species.

A man covers himself in algae as he plays with his friends at a seaside in Qingdao

Some took their week at the wrong time … The algae do not deter Chinese tourists (see more about how to attract Chinese tourists)


Authorities said green algae “non-toxic”.

A worker cleans algae off a fence near the coastline in Qingdao

A worker “cleaning” a beachfence covered of green algae …

A woman walks past sacks of algae collected from the algae-covered coastline of Qingdao

To eradicate the pollution, the city appealed to the mechanical reinforcement of the region.

A fisherman pushes aside the algae floating on the surface of a sea cucumber farm to make air, near the coastline of Qingdao

“The saladsea”, is the name given to this beach by Chinese tourists.

Algae is pictured on the shoulders of a swimmer along the seaside in Qingdao

29,000 km2 of visual and ol factory pollution … This fisher try to push the stagnant algae to oxygenate his farm of seacucumber