The Story of Xiao Mi 2


Xiao Mi is now one of the most popular cell phone in China. Its powerful high performance paired with an affordable price, has attracted a group of loyal fans for Xiao Mi.

Performance of Xiao Mi 2

The amazing performance is the No.1 reason for Xiao Mi 2’s popularity.


The improvement of Xiao Mi 2 (M2) in appearance and casing is significant.
The increased weight and thickness of M2 gives it a more comfortable feel;
The location of the power key and smooth metallic casing helps M2 suitable for one-hand operation.

Compared with Xiao Mi 1, M2 is improved in both appearance and design and with a new clean modern look.

Free Mobile interface


The interface is the highlight of M2. It’s not only interactive and interesting but also easy to create. To create an interface on MIUI (the operation system of M2), only changing the picture in the RAR is enough. Some Xiao Mi fans have even developed interface creation tools.


Maybe the biggest problem for Xiao Mi 1 was its display issues. But now the display of M2 is no longer a problem but an advantage. The IPS materials and Retina display with a 1280×720 pixel makes M2 one of the top mobiles according to display.

M2 under sunlight


APQ8064 + Adreno320+ 2GB RAM
There’s no need to explain more about it. On such a platform like this, even an mkv with 1920×1080 pixel, bit rate1964Kpbs can play very smoothly.

1080P video plays smoothly on M2

Heating control

The heat control of M2 is possibly its biggest shortage. The test shows in half an hour, the temperature of the M2 will increase 55 Celsius degree while during the same test the temperature of HTC One X is 50, Samsung S3 only reaches 45.

But the problems doesn’t stop M2 as one of the top mobile phones.


Xiao Mi Competitors

There have been many comparison of the Xiao Mi with Iphone and Samsung, but in fact, the real competitors of Xiao Mi smart phones are local mobile phone makers like Newman and Hua Wei because they are quite similar in performance and price.
Newman has also recently published its new-generation of smartphone, the N2. It will use the same processor as Galaxy S3. What’s more, Newman equips their phones with a 13 megapixels camera. The high performance of N2 and its low price, 1299 Yuan, will be a challenge for M2.


Reference price: 2399 Yuan

The display of MX (RE) takes SHARP 4” ASV display with resolutions up to 960×640 pixel. An 8 megapixel camera is installed in the back. Its operating system is based on Android 4.0.

Hua Wei X?

Price range: 1799-1999 Yuan
Hua Wei is also said to release its new smart phone “Rong Yao 2”. Its operation system will be based on Android 4.1, equipped with IPS screen. It also uses quad-core processor K3V2 of 2GB RAM and an 8.0 megapixels camera. The similar performance of this cell phone with a  lower price, from 1799 Yuan to 1999 Yuan, makes it a threat to M2.

Xiao La Jiao

Price: 999 Yuan

Xiao La Jiao released its quad-core phone in August with an astonishing low price just at 999 Yuan!
However, the performance is still up to standard.

  • Tegra3 processor, 1.5GHz
  • 1280×720 LCD2 display
  • 9.9 millimeter thickness

Xiao La Jiao has already become the first choice for smart phone lovers who are on a budget.

Complaints about Xiao Mi

By the marketing campaign and its technical and cost performance, Xiao Mi 1S has already built a big group of fans.
Xiao Mi released its latest smart phone, Xiao Mi 1S for the fourth time in October, retail at ¥1,499, the lowest out of the four rounds. And in only 3 minutes, 200,000 were sold out.
However, the criticism pursues the great. Many people begin to complain about M2’s defects in performance and service.
Most complaints are focused on two issues: the automatic restart problem and keeping up with consumer demand.

Complaints about its sales strategy:

“I will probably buy another one if I’m not waiting for M2!”

幽灵爱幽灵:坑爹的小米,不是说10月份上架销售吗?都26号了才出购买策略。坑爹小米@小米公司 @小米手机 @雷军 @黎万强 @林斌_Bin
“Xiao Mi’s so disappointing, who said that M2 will be released in October? It’s already October 26th only a purchase guide now.”

“It’s impossible to get M2 in October, I give up.”

“why don’t they just release like half a million at one?”

Complaints about its automatic restart problem:

倞x_Moe:手机老死机后自动重启!!送修好多次了都么有用@小米公司 @小米手机 @米聊
“my cell phone always restarts automatically!! I have already sent for reparation, but the problem is never fixed @Xiao Mi @Xiao Mi Cellphone @Mi Liao”

“overheating problem is acceptable, but now the system halts very often now and its starts to restart automatically. ”

尚 堃:在小米之家的一个多小时里,算上我一共八个人来修手机,七个都是自动重启,而且购机时间都比较早。虽然换了电池连接器后,问题暂时解决了,但是这么高 的故障率,而且不是个例,小米公司是不是考虑进行产品召回呢?还有多少米粉被蒙在鼓里呢?@小米手机 @雷军 @万能的大熊 @人称T客
“when I sent my cellphone for reparation,I saw 7 from 8 are there for the automatic restart problem and they are old buyers. Although the problem’s temporarily fixed after changing the charger, the high failure rate is serious. Xiao Mi needs to consider recall, doesn’t it? There are many Xiao Mi fans not aware of this so far. @Xiao Mi Cellphone @Lei Jun @万能的大熊 @人称T客”

“Xiao Mi, Xiao Mi, I can try to tolerate the automatic restart, except it’s during my call. I have to change a new one. ”