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We engage and train your Chinese sellers


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Sellers and distributors

The goal of business development is to sell your products in China. To do this, you have to find Chinese traders and train them. Their role is to prospect, answer customer questions by phone or face to face, negotiate contracts by finding the right arguments.

If you want to sell your product in a physical store, you will need to analyze the right distributors. Customers must find your drink in a strategic location. Before looking for a distributor, take time to think about a strategy by asking yourself the right questions. For example: Who are your competitors? What are their strategies? Where are your customers? What will make you stand out?

Our marketing agency can help you find relevant Chinese distributors.

Branding and ereputation

Sometimes it is difficult to find quality distributors when you do not yet have a high profile and high visibility. In China, branding is of paramount importance and this is what will determine whether consumers will buy the product or not. The solution for having a better brand image is found in online promotion. With over 900 million Internet users, China is the most connected country in the world.

The online reputation can be done on the search engine and on the Chinese forums. To be well referenced on Baidu, the Chinese search engine, you need to create a website in Mandarin. Then you can share your articles on forums like Baidu Search, Zhihu and Baidu Tieba.

Our agency is specialized in online reputation and branding.

Social media and KOL

Using social networks like WeChat and Weibo is the best way for your brand to make itself known. These social networks are the new mouth-to-mouth in the 21st century. When a product or brand is interesting, they recommend them to their loved ones on social networks. That’s why creating an account on one of the two biggest Chinese social networks is a good way to communicate the existence of the brand.

If you want to increase your visibility, you can contact and collaborate with KOLS (Key Opinion Leader) and influencers. With their large audience, your brand gain visibility.

We can help your brand gain visibility and notoriety.


Once you have good digital communication, you can go to trade shows and exhibitions in order to present your products and find new business partners. To do this, you must already have a strong presence in the market. In the salons, do not forget to add a QR code so that people can follow you on the social networks and receive all your updates.

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Frequently Asked Question about sell in China


Vendors involved to answer the phone, contact your customers, making sales calls, visiting fairs and sell your products.

Our agency deals to hire vendors as needed. These can be employed either part time or full time either. You can also choose whether you prefer to have a single vendor or small team of three people. All sellers regardless of their experience, will be trained by our agency to be effective on the ground.

You want to Sell in China, you need partner? We are a Business Development Agency & Prospection Solutions based in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hong Kong


Chinese distributors act only by interest. We must not believe that this is a partnership in good and due form. They will not help you promote your brand and simply just sell the products in the store, regardless of the brand. If your product or brand does not generate enough profit and income, the distributor will terminate the contract with you. Therefore, we must not rest too much on a distributor, but be vigilant and try to identify additional time to another.


To date, there are more than 900 million Chinese people with an active online presence. On average, most users spend more than 1.5 hours surfing the net. With increasing application capabilities, the Chinese are increasingly connected. That’s why, without the digital promotion, your brand will have no chance to stand out in the market.

The first step to having an online presence is to create a Chinese website. Without it, your brand can not be found by Chinese consumers. Once the site is created, consumers must be able to find your brand and your products. To do this, your site should be referenced on Baidu, which is the most used search engine in China. Unlike almost all countries, consumers use Google, but this one has been censored by the Chinese government.


Once you’ve created your site, you must be present on social networks and Chinese forum, which will allow you to promote your products.

In China, KOLs have a strong influence. The Chinese have more confidence in them than advertisements because they are real and their opinions are authentic. You can find them on Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Meipai etc .. These can increase the visibility and reputation of your brand. Once a KOL recommend a product to her community, the brand will gain notoriety and reputation. Also, the brand will also increase sales. However, it must be chosen because the impact will be so much stronger if the image of the KOL fits perfectly with the mark. On the contrary, choosing a bad KOL that does not match the mark will not be relevant.


You can market yourself first by selling out of small e-commerce platforms such as “Taobao”, “Little Red Book” or “Higo”. They allow you to gain market presence and expenses are cheaper than and Tmall.

“Taobao distributors” and local distributors are also a good starting point although you cannot sell in massive quantities.