How to sell online in China ?

A the end of 2013: Chinese internet users quickly approaching 610 million , and the e-commerce revenue growth (from 2009-2012) topping 70%

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China is on pace to pass the US  and become the largest e-commerce market in the world.

Chinese market is currently experiencing huge growth in e-commerce, fashion, telephones, cosmetics, daily food. It is estimated that ecommerce in China will be worth US$540 billion by 2015, and by 2020 worth more than e-commerce in the U.S,+ European countries.

This is linked with the number of people connected to the Internet in China, be it via computers or smartphones

  • there are over 600 million internet users
  • over 500 million mobile internet users in the country.
  • The Chinese government has a target to connect 1.2 billion people (85 percent of the population) to 3G or 4G mobile internet by 2020.

Here is a video realized by our company to explain this ecommerce trends and our solution.


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