SEO: How to become visible on the Search Engine Baidu

China is an enormous market which regroups 1,3 billions of inhabitants. China has almost 160 millions of consumers and it keeps increasing! With more than 83% of the market shares, Baidu became the main search engine in China with four times more research than its direct competitor.

Baidu is important if you decide to sell in China. It is necessary to study the search engine in order to present your company and your products targeting the right persons. Baidu is very different from the other search engines like Google or Bing. When you want to promote your website and optimize it on Baidu, you need to know the different technics or  SEO search engine optimization.


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Keywords survey

First, you need to find the right keywords, adapted to your company. Baidu developed various tools to look for the keywords (like Google), including the research volumes and the traffic for each word or expression.

You can consult these tools via the following links: and

There is also a tool, which is owned by the paid services as the keyword generator, Google AdWords. This tool will be useful for your keywords research, which has to be targeted in order to develop a good PPC campaign.

Find this tool here:

Obtain a local Chinese domain name and a hosting in China

If you wish to be visible in China on Baidu, you need to buy a local Chinese domain like “.cn” or “”. Be sure that your URL is written in Pinyin and not in English (Pinyin is the official system for the translation of the Chinese characters in Latin alphabet). Chinese consumers will trust more the Pinyin name than the foreign one.


Baidu SEO- on page

Baidu strongly focuses on meta markers, be sure that there are all filled. The title marker needs to be rich in keywords and the H1 marker and the attributes alt for the pictures. Contrary to his competitor Google, the keyword marker has to be used with care because it is very important for Baidu. The quality of the content of your pages needs to be unique. Baidu rewards the good pages. Baidu Crawler wishes to obtain the most information in short time so be sure that the important content is based on the top of the page.

It is also important to remember that there is a lot of censure in China and that the content of the websites is analyzed. You have to be attention to the information you put (avoid s-e-x and money for example) in order not to be punished by the Chinese web. Many of social networks are forbidden like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.


Baidu SEO-Off page

As Google, the off page criteria is very important for Baidu in its SEO strategy. Nevertheless, contrary to Google, the search engine takes more into account the quantity of links than the quality. The net linking is an important criteria for a Chinese website which will be assimilated to the company or an important name.

Even if there are less important for Baidu than for Google, the hyperlinks have an impact so be sure that the chosen keywords are adapted for your links.


Translate your website into Chinese

Having an indexed website on Baidu requires to translate it in Chinese. It is extremely important for the construction of an efficient campaign on the Chinese market. The translation has to be perfect for the Chinese people. You can ask for help to companies of interpreters.

=>Avoid Google traduction, it is very so bad!

If you are promoting some products or services on the Chinese market, you just have to create a landing page translated into Chinese. You are not obliged to translate all the website.


Baidu SEM :

Baidu has 3 different advertising services:

–       Paid research

–       Banners ads

–       Brand zone

Using the Baidu services helps you for your SEO. You can loose your rank if you stop to use suddenly the Baidu services. Paid research is similar to Google AdWords. It works as a Pay Per Click model according to the importance of the keywords.

International keywords have a weak competition, which favors a pay per click system. For example, if you have a travel website in France and you want to attract Chinese people, it will be interesting to use Paid Search of Baidu which proposes you targeted keywords with weak PPC.

Concerning the ads banners, they can appear on the whole display network which have 300 000 Internet websites.

As Google, Baidu offers different advertising banners (picture and text). It costs around 0,20$ for the PPC of a banner on Baidu.

Last important thing, if you are owner of a Chinese website and you wish to optimize it on the search engine Baidu, submit directly your website on the Baidu research. It will allow you to be crawled faster by the search engines’ robots and being indexed:

It is also possible to present an actuality on “Baidu News” in order to obtain a strong visibility and traffic:

You can also submit your site map which helps Baidu to explore your website and index it.



The actual Baidu looks like Google. Many factors, which are taken into account by Baidu, are no more used by the firm of Mountain View.

Baidu is a giant that has important market shares in a country where the culture is very different from the Occident. If you want to commercialize and invest on the Chinese market, you will need to know how to optimize your website on Baidu and establish a complete strategy for the utilization of paid services.

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