SEO is the art of increasing the traffic on its website while working on factors that will allow to up the website’s position on the search engines request results. SEO in China, obviously means working with Baidu, the great leader of search engine in China. It requires to use a Chinese logic: having a Chinese website hosted in China and use only Chinese backlinks. Baidu’s algorithm changes all the time, forcing SEO workers to adapt quickly and to understand the rules of said search engine. The ultimate aim is to develop a strategy that will help get better results. To do so there are several actions that are recommended…

Key Words

The base of SEO involves keyword analysis. The goal is to determine a list of the best possible search terms. Once the keywords have been chosen, one should stick to them and repeat them. The titles and descriptions and your site should contain those keywords. Baidu will spot them and much easily and your ranking will be climbing to higher positions.

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BL from it nickname, is an external link that points to a web page. These links are traded widely between websites and bloggers. An exchange of Backlincks is an exchange of visibility. Baidu takes them into account in its SEO, a high number of links is required to achieve the best position. Note however that Baidu still prefers quality over quantity, unlike Google. It is strongly recommended to have backlinks to links well referenced Chinese sites, a sign of confidence and popularity. Indeed as Chinese search engine, Baidu gives an advantage to Chinese pages in its indexing and ranking sites in response to a query.


Quality of traffic

Using SEO, our goal is to attract a lot of traffic. But keep in mind that it must remain quality traffic. Indeed having a lot of traffic to a website will make no difference in the end if the audience you want to target is not the one visiting your website. That is why it is vital not to take lightly the use of keywords and backlinks.

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Onsite optimization

Good content is a guaranteed return on investment. Content that appeals internet users therefore relates with good reviews, and thus natural links, and facilitates the exchange of links. A review of the content of your site is to operate.

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Baidu does not handle Flash and Java items because it cannot analyze them. To work around the problem on this type of content, you will need to highlight the html content.


Update, update, update!

Baidu is very sensitive to the latest information. Frequently updating your site’s content is highly recommended. It will ensure a good SEO performance.


All these strategies will help your website to move up the places in the ranking and will ensure proper positioning of your site in response to a query on Baidu. And remember, the more your site will be seen, the greater will the number of potential customers be.


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