In order to gain millions of new customers many companies launch websites in China to attract the Chinese consumers.

For any company with a Chinese website, optimizing it for Baidu is a necessity.

Baidu, the Chinese search engine has 78.3% market share

In order to maximize your businesses’s potential in China it is important expose your website into the vast Chinese community.


There are some things that you should know before starting a website in China:

  1. Always use keywords:

Firstly, you should know that the world of Chinese SEO in Baidu is different than in Google.

The most important difference is the language. You should make sure to use simplified Chinese characters.


When you start a website in China, it is crucial to understand what keywords are going to be recognised and should be used on Baidu. For that, use a keyword research tool in order to obtain accurate data on what Baidu consumers are actually looking for and how they do it.

In Baidu it is essential to use the same keyword on and off your website, otherwise Baidu will impose penalties on the website.

  1. Local hosting and domain name:

When you launch your website in China you must use a suitable domain name. Baidu recommends to use short and memorable names. Generally, Chinese users prefer or .cn domains because these generate a sense of trust.

Hosting in China is not an obligatory requirement but must be considered if you want it to work properly on Baidu. Indeed, the Chinese search engine gives priority to China-hosted websites.

When websites are set up outside the Asian giant, connections tend to be slower and less efficient. In addition, using a local host can be helpful to improve the loading speed.

  1. Site structure:

The website must have a clear structure and navigation must be easy to help users find quickly what they are searching for. At the same time, search engines can quickly index the website. It is also important add breadcrumbs in order to show to the users where are they on the website.


The most important pages must be found in the top levels of the site and each page should be linked by one text link, at least. For example, on every page of the site, there should be a backlink to the home page.

  1. Content:

A good content gives credibility to your website. The content should be fresh and of good quality in order to boost its overall visibility in the search engines. Renewing content constantly is essential in order to being ranked appropriately. If you don’t have anything new to add, you can rewrite  content, add newspage or an official blog.

The homepage has to include all your relevant information and a rich content because for Baidu, the homepage has the most important priority for ranking.


Don’t use pop up ads in your website because Chinese users don’t like them and besides, they don’t rank well in Baidu.

In addition, it is important to share your content through blogs, forums or social medial to get traffic

  1. Some technical features:

There are some types of software that Baidu can not recognize, as for example, JavaScript, Flash player and iFrames. However, you can use that software, if you provide alternative HTML versions of the content which has been incorporated in the Flash and JavaScript.


If you incorporate JavaScript or Flash player, the content will not play and this will cause the website to look unfinished. Baidu recommends using text.

The website is a key pillar for any marketing strategy in China. In order to gain millions of new customers, many companies launch websites in China to chase the Chinese consumers.