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China Seo Expert Solutions

We are a Baidu SEO agency composed of 75 marketers with a passion for China and digital marketing. We are constantly looking for new ideas in order to renew our solutions packages and always be on top of the  market trends. With 7 years of existence, we have had many satisfied customers who regularly come back to us to run their latest campaigns.




We analyze your website to look for the best solution for your SEO on Baidu and find out what is your place in the market.


Landing pages optimization

Help improve the visibility of your website with solution developed for Baidu and the Chinese netizens browsing habits.



We help you rank first on your mains keywords & find new one that have a high potential.



We take care of finding and choosing the right backlinks for your SEO.

We’ve done the SEO of some great companies already. Want to be our next Chinese success story?

“Damac Properties” is a luxury Real Estate company from Dubai, they provide luxury dream homes with unique designs and stylistic concepts, and they hired-us as their Baidu SEO agency.

Our work for us involved Baidu SEO, e-reputation, website optimization for china and leads generation and well as weibo & wechat management, events, dsp ads …

The SEO effort & website optimization results speaks by themselves: +500 leads per months, +300% traffic and a turnover of + $2million.

Baidu SEO in 3 steps

Let us know about your project, your goals for China as well as your budget, and we will create a custom strategy that will answer your needs. This strategy will be axed around 3 mains steps: creating an account, managing the account and launching successful campaigns.

Website Audit for baidu & china

Want to know the status of your positioning, analyze the situation of your site in relation to the competition? What you need is a complete SEO audit that analyzes your site and the position held in search engines.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our SEO professionals, we easily know how your site rank, what are the best keywords and your traffic sources. Most importantly, what is your place on the market.

We also check if your website is ready for China. Our team of experts analyze, find the flows in your website and do what is necessary to fix it.

Content Optimization for Baidu

From hosting to picture optimization, navigation menu to design, we make sure your website is Chinese users friendly and Baidu friendly.

Our Chinese copywriting team in cooperation with our Baidu specialist create relevant high quality content using the right code and keyword making sure their post will be referenced. In brief, contents that “speak”. Not just texts, but real editorial plans designed by native.

You don’t have a Chinese website? Find out about our Website development and migration service.

Baidu SEo: Link Buildings

Link building plays a key role in SEO. Receiving healthy backlinks from trusted sources can help you improve your Baidu ranking and bring targeted traffic to your site.

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a successful backlink campaign is finding domains of trust. An experienced Baidu SEO agency can save you a lot of time and ressources

With a team working exclusively on backlinks, we make sure to generate qualitative and relevant backlinks.

Why Hire us as your Baidu SEO Agency?

Fast Process

We assess your project and put the best suitable team on it. We agree on strategy and start working on it right away.

LOW FEE Baidu SEO agency

We are not here to ripped you off, your success is our success. We adapt to every budget. Big or small companies, we have solutions for you.

On top of trends

We do not rest on our laurels. The best way to offer to notch services is to always come up with new marketing solutions packages

Local & Remote

We have offices in Shanghai, Paris & Taiwan. Come visit-us or give us a phone, there will always be someone to assist you.

Experienced Baidu SEO agency

We have been on the market since 2012. The company started as a blog about China Business, and we are now 75 Marketers.

Custom Consulting

Because each project is different, we come up with a custom-made strategy for each of our customers to ensure success.

commonly asked questions about Baidu SEO



80% Chinese netizens use search engines to find what they want online. In fact, 75% visitors on your website come from search on search engines


What are other benefits of using baidu?

Visitors from SEO are 50 times easier to be converted into leads/customers than the one from direct ads.


IS baidu search engine precise?

Because Baidu supports only Chinese Mandarin is it much more precise that Google with Keywords. Meaning that when someone finds you it is likely this person founds what he was looking for.


Are the results stable?

A responsible Baidu SEO agency can help your website have good position on certain keywords for a long long long time, even after stopping content for some time.

What Should I know about Baidu SEO?


Cost efficient & patience

Seo in Baidu takes time, no surprise here. You will start seeing results about 3 to 6 months into the campaigns. The good news is that it is 5 to 6 time cheaper than any SEM campaign.


English won't work on Baidu

And the reason is that this search engine only supports Chinese mandarin and gives priority to locally hosted website. We can help with migrating and adapting your website to Baidu.


You need fresh content

In the same way as google does, Baidu is extremely strict when it comes to content. Publish original, quality content regularly and you’ll get a referencing boost.