If a Chinese consumer or professional buyer does not something he will search on Baidu or Chinese search Engines like Haoso or Sogou. Although more and more companies understand how important SEO in China is, you still hear some clichés once in a while about which strategy to choose and it can be difficult to convince these people to do otherwise. Here are a few examples of these SEO myths.

“We have already worked on our ranking”

What matters on Baidu regarding ranking is always changing. Besides, not only did the search engine improve its algorithm, consumer behavior has changed too. His experience cycle now includes a new step, pre-shopping, which is crucial to your company because it is THE moment where you need to gather his attention… if you want him to be a satisfied customer one day.

Baidu SEO

“Let’s only use Baidu PPC”

Some companies are ready to invest heavily on general keywords… while SEO can be even more efficient. You need to keep in mind that Internet users rely a lot on other’s recommendations and articles they will read online. Thus, only using paid techniques on general keywords that will guide people on your homepage will be useless.

Many Agents of BAidu call non-stop thousands of entrepreneurs in China EVERYDAY and harass them to choose PPC instead of natural ranking(SEO), most of them cheat on their services and promise good ranking on Baidu.

In fact, pay per click is a short term solution and you will always be dependent of the Ads to get your traffic.

“We invest a lot on short keywords”

The company you’re working for might want to invest on unique and general keywords. However, we all know that long tail words are more efficient. First, they are more precise and will help to redirect the most qualified people to your website. Besides getting higher conversion rates, there is a lower competition on these keywords, and they will be cheaper.

Keywords - Long Tail

“Content is useless for Baidu ”

If in real life, you generally make choices according to the rest of society, it works the same way online: the credibility of a website will be higher if its content is shared in many ways (visits, links on engagement on social media).

For Baidu, websites with a lot of pages and Content mean “trustful website”. A website with 3 pages, is almost impossible to rank high, because it is the typical strategy of Cheating company in China.

« No time for SEO »

Some do not realize how efficient SEO is. Indeed, it can bring good results very fast. It is the best tool for you to bring the customers who are the most interested in your products to your website, which means a lot of potential for your business.



“What about our SEO extension or automatic tools ?”

This tool can be useful for sure. But like anything else, it will never replace thorough work which is not automated by a program.

Can use automated translation

Automated promotion (=spams)

And do you think Baidu will not remark that ? 

SEo myths Baidu

“Keywords are overrated”

Actually, the whole research system relies on the keywords that are typed in by Internet users. A majority of them will only look at the first page of results on Baidu, click on organic results and mostly on the first one… better go for Baidu SEO in order to insure your visibility.

“We can beat Baidu’s algorithm.”

Baidu’s algorithm might be weaker than Google’s, it is still built by a whole team of professionals who seek to improve Internet users’ experience. It is thus useless to try to go over it; if it favors some techniques over others, it is because it helps users. You should follow Baidu’s rules.

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“My SEO agency is cheap.”

Just like any other service, when agencies promise the moon while charging a ridiculous amount, they are not to be trusted with your company’s SEO strategy. I guess smart people (or experienced one) will understand that easily. 🙂

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