Chinese customers are way far from what you are used to in the Western world. The first reflex they will have when they don’t know a brand or a company is too search information on-line. We are not talking about half or 65% of them but about 80% of Chinese using search engine to seek for information, buy product or just wander online. Where do you think visitors are coming from when they arrive on your website ? 80% of them are from Baidu or other search engines.

Having your website appear on a Chinese search engine, especially Baidu, is a good thing but having a SEO strategy is even better.

SEOWhy is SEO necessary ?

Because it attracts the marketing target you are looking for. Indeed visitor from SEO are much easier to be attracted by what you offer than any audience from a direct advertisement. In fact, people who arrived on your website were using keywords so they are already interested about what you are selling. They know what they are looking for so if you offer it for a good price, they will be converted.

Moreover, do not forget that all the search engines are connected so if you have a good SEO strategy and you are ranked on the first page of Baidu, you will be well-positioned as well on Google or Bing. It’s a keyword story. Our agency can help you to have a good position and hold it for a long long time after the work is done. To do so, we offer you two different ways to do it : SEO marketing or PPC (pay per click). Nevertheless, the cost for the SEO is usually 5 to 6 times lower than the PPC. It is because the cost of SEO stay stable in any case, the number of click won’t interfere in the cost.


The real potential of the Chinese market

We all know how huge the market is in China and how much business opportunities there are on their Internet. But it is not easy to establish a reputation and win the customer’s wallet here. It can be a big challenge for most foreign companies : the language barriers, the cultural difference (particularly big with China), the difference on the law system and also the fact that Chinese competitors use already SEO techniques. To help you to increase your visibility and bring you more potential clients, you can trust the expertise of our agency and our team of French and Chinese experts in SEO in China.

The need of Chinese SEO

It is known that Chinese are not very fond of languages so how many of them do you think speak English, 10%, 5% ? Still far from the reality ! There is only 1% of the Chinese population that speaks English. That is the reason why your website needs to be written in Chinese Mandarin with simplified characters. To be ranked in the best position you can get, the translation has to match the Chinese search engine requirements


Our service will provide the best SEO you can get in China as a foreign firm. Here is how we proceed :

  1. Analyze customer’s business, customers and market
  2. Identify the best Keywords
  3. Analyze your competitors
  4. Optimize your website and pages
  5. Create content (quality content)
  6. Link building strategy
  7. Analyze the result and report

Our main goal is to bring the qualified traffic to your website and to answer to any requests concerning sales contact. Which include to improve your position on Baidu, which is the most used search engine in China with 83% of the market shares, but also on where you will be able to target more white collar or wealthy customer from Hong Kong. We truly think that we provide one of the best SEO solutions in China, on both Baidu and at a competitive price thanks to our understanding of the culture and experience in local Chinese Internet.

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