What is SEO and SEM?


SEO is through optimize the website to get good ranking in the major search engines (such as Google, Baidu, etc.)

Search engine optimization (SEO ) also includes web content optimization, keyword optimization, optimization of external links, internal link optimization, code optimization, image optimization, search engine submission, etc.

However, in the search results to get a good ranking requires effort and time, but also do not have a precise way. Understand how search engines determine the natural search result rankings often take several months.


Baidu Marketing

Baidu Marketing

SEM(*) is a form of marketing through search engines, such as Baidu Soso, or etao, is a search engine that allows you to get a good ranking in the form of paid advertising. You can choose what you want to use keywords. It is recognized as long as the keyword search engine, the other is not restricted.

SEM includes not only the search also includes banner advertising, which is a good way expanded website visibility.




Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, and then let’s compare:


Advantages of SEO

1, engine take-all: Website SEO greatest advantage is that no engine respective independence, even if you only optimize for Baidu, but the result is search engines will be a corresponding increase in the invisible in to bring you more effective visitor.

2, do not worry about competitors malicious clicks: It is natural ranking, no pay per click, no matter how your competitors click your site, you will not a penny wasted.

3, strong stability: optimize your site with formal methods for SEO; ranking as long as properly maintained, stability is very strong.


SEO Disadvantages

1, Effective slow: Website SEO results generally take a long time to become apparent, the general words take about 2-3 months, the industry popular keywords you will need 4-6 months or even longer (specially on Baidu).

2, the number of keywords is limited: a page up to more than three words for SEO. To optimize the keywords are several different products, you need several or even dozens of sites were selected different keyword optimization.

3, the ranking position after PPC: This is determined by the rules of search engine, natural rankings location only after PPC sites. If the first page are all made ​​full PPC sites, it can only appear in natural ranking the second page, such a situation only in Baidu.


SEM Advantage

1, SEM’s advertising visits, SEO ranking and advertising effective is more stability and predictability.

2, though SEM appearing to be later than SEO, but is now on the Internet It has become the most popular form of advertising media in the form , and thus compared to other network marketing model , SEM advertising easier for customers to accept.

3, the ranking has a unique advantage. Customers only need to adjust your bids can easily control your ad position, As long as willing to spend money; the top is simply a breeze.

4, through SEM advertising customers can track the conversion rate, then adjust keywords to reach maximum performance.

5, the search engines for SEM advertising review by at most only a few days only, so it can play an immediate effect.


SEM campaign Baidu  SEM Disadvantages

1, the prevalence of this kind of advertising method determines its incensing in the competition. Tight market situation also enable ad click prices soared.

2, from the long-term effects to consider, and its return on investment income is less than search engine optimization.

3, SEM limits you with your budget because your ads campaign will stop displaying when your daily, keywords or monthly budget is reached


Which one should you choose?

This depends on your expectation, budget and targets from your campaigns. As long years professional, I don’t have a preference. Each business needs different campaigns; you may select to attract new clients in both tools while achieving your corporate targets.

Currently, SEM is in the development stage, it will become only way in the future development of electronic commerce and professional websites.

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