Decreasing Interactivity Discovered on Sina Weibo


There comes a time when any successful – and then others where everything goes wrong. According to a monitoring tool that followed Sina Weibo, Twitter users are much less active this year.

SinaWeibo less active 3


WeiboReach was used to follow the most influential users of Weibo with a “verified account” (an official designation available on Weibo) and with more than 10,000 followers. The Surveyed shows the trend that Sina Weibo started to Become less active in October last year:


SinaWeibo less active 1


In the graph above, we can see that the summer of 2012 was a peak for Weibo. Shortly after, Sina revealed that on 500 million users of Weibo, only 46.3 million are active. This is why we can see a huge decrease.

These big peaks in the graph in 2013 echo the big events or news of the year. The peak in January can be regarded as a result of the annual panic about securing train or bus tickets to go home for Chinese New Year, while the peak in the late April was caused by the grief after the Ya’an earthquake:


SinaWeibo less active 2


Like facebook, after the crazy increase in the first period of its development, Sina Weibo is experiencing a long and more stable period. Users will more and more read weibo like newspaper to get information rather than interacting with their friends. If nothing changed, this trend will probably continue.

Top e-commerce in China, Alibaba has invested $ 586 million in Sina Weibo to take a stake of 18 percent in social service earlier this year. They hope that Weibo does not sink in – possibly caused by more people using email applications like WeChat – before Weibo has been fully monetized.


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Sources:  Huxiu Techinasia