Sinonym partners with Phonemica to provide naming in China

Sinonym is a naming consultancy firm specialized in assisting foreign companies and brand to enter China market. The firm has signed a partner agreement with Phonemica, the world’s only Chinese dialects platform, to build a powerful and highly-specialized consulting firm providing branding and naming service in China.  

Sinonym aims to provide the best naming service in China

Sinonym is a naming and branding company. Its staff includes large local network and valuable business experts in China. It enables the firm to provide Chinese language expertise and knowledge of all the dialects in China and business sense.

Finding the right and good name when it comes to a China market entry is one of the biggest difficulties for foreign brands and companies. There is an additional semiotic layer to brand names that is related to the multiple meanings behind certain characters and pronunciations that is not present in languages with a phonetic alphabet. Chinese businesses often have names of only a few characters that nonetheless are able to convey much more meaning than their English equivalent. Foreign companies trying to brand themselves in China face the difficult question of whether to translate, transliterate, use a phonetic spelling or find a compromise.

Moreover, the various ranges of dialects make this task even more difficult as it can lead your chosen name to be unsuitable and irrelevant to a specific region in China.


Phonemica has the largest network of local speakers in China

Phonemica is a non-profit and social enterprise aiming to collect stories in each of thousands of local dialects in China. Phonemica has the largest network of dialect speakers and target each little village and neighborhood in China. It is a crow-sourced method gathering multitude of volunteers. Therefore it is the most suitable resource to test naming, taglines and overall branding strategy in China.

The partnership between Phonemica and Sinonym aims to answer this unmet need. Sinonym can thus questions the various range of dialect speakers from Phonemica community to make sure that the meaning and implications of potential names in each dialect are acceptable.

The connection between these two initiatives comes from one man. Steven Hansen is a well-known language specialist in China. Founder of Phonemica, he also teaches entrepreneurship and innovation in the Guanghua MBA program at Peking University. Beside his Chinese language expertise, he has years of experience in market research, in particular as a director of market research at Thomson Reuters. He is now a highly-sought after organizational consultant and speaker in China and the recent co-founder of Sinonym.

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