Valentine’s Day has been a major brand marketing battleground, a simple large investment has been unable to arouse consumer‘s interest. How to accurate understanding of the balance between the hot topics and brand concept, reaching  doing big things with less money, that deserve further exploration.

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For Valentine’s Day Activities catch a hot topic, so spread the content of sync with the audience thinking, so that the brand fit with the event itself. The spread of content through emotional resonance to establish more humane connection.

Social marketing, the sooner the better

Auspicious February 14 is coming, why not advance to experience the thrill of marriage license?

“Go, we go to the marriage license!” To seize a girlfriend’s heart, a simple wechat game will be able to catch your eye. As a warm-up campaign, “smart marriage certificate” within three days of the game hits breaking ten thousands. Marriage license, please click here:


smart brand has always stressed the use of creative marketing to create “cities pleasures of life,” with the most innovative way to bring the family to the city an unexpected big surprise. February 14 Valentine’s Day, Mercedes-Benz smart invited Tian Liang which is popular model dad, Guo Tao and his wife as a day of “smart professionals love ambassador” for the day licensing newlyweds send surprise gift; smart also invite another small partner – Roseonly , to send the couple’s special love roses——only for you. Benz smart brand to build this Valentine’s Day activities quite carefully, samrt provide the right to use smart BRABUS month as a lucky gift for wedding couple brings the most special “smart honeymoon trip.” Brand strength overlay, help spread.


Star effect +Media ship +Partner =Win

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Creative down to earth, spread more long-term

The mode of transmission of Valentine’s Day activities, in addition to co-brand with smart interactive content on the weibo and wechat. The creative activities attracts many of the media attention and coverage, such as Xinhua News Agency, Beijing TV, even portals and video site’s reporter went to the reports. this event in the domestic marketing industry caused a great sensation.

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