WeChat is an app that allows you to communicate in a dynamic and global, joining the social and messaging side to the business. Thanks to the Official Accounts, companies and brands can interact with their followers guaranteeing a one-to-one and one-to-many service by sending direct messages and news. Each Official Account is customizable as a real app.

This type of account allows you to create mini-business sites directly on the platform through which to offer different services. The opening of a WeChat OA is a path that can be complex.

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Top WeChat Business Strategies?


  1. Create a WeChat business account
  2. how to regiter a WeChat official account?
  3. WeChat Store, what are your options?
  4. WeChat Menu Setup 
  5. WeChat Brochure & Html 5 development
  6. WeChat Content Management, because content is the base of engagement
  7. WeChat Promotion community management & group sharing
  8. WeChat KOL  & new media
  9. WeChat advertising , full list of services, and pricing
  10. How do Business make money on Wechat
  11. WeChat mini Programs , new trends for brands & app



How to register WeChat official account?

To register a WeChat official account for most businesses in China, you will need the following:

1 Chinese Business License obtained by a local company or WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)
2 Chinese ID of a Chinese National with a WeChat payment account

However, there are two alternatives for your business to register a WeChat account if you don’t have a Chinese Business License.

  • Register a company in China: after setting up the company, then you’ll have the business license to register an account. However, this approach is not recommended as it has high money cost and time cost (usually takes at least 6 months).
  • Use a third-party business license: you can use the business license from another Chinese legal entity as a tool. Each Chinese company can register up to 5 WeChat accounts

it is useful to remember that if you do not want to use the above-mentioned means, you can still open an account, but International WeChat accounts not registered in China can only be accessed by users based outside of China. Also, A ‘verified’ WeChat account has more functionality, such as enabling of the WeChat payment system. Verified accounts are only available to China-registered businesses.

Are there different accounts?

There are three key types

  • Corporate – Enterprise account: this one is for internal use, for such things as project management and private group chat, and so is not designed for marketing.
  • Subscription account: this is a basic type of account, used mostly for pushing content. It allows one message to be sent to followers each day. Subscription accounts can be opened by individuals and organizations.
  • Service account: service accounts are available to organizations only. Unlike subscription accounts, they only allow four messages per month but offer a higher level of functionality – such as QR code generation, geo-location features, and voice recognition. Service accounts are recommended for businesses selling products online and for WeChat pay integration.

How to give value to an Official Account?


Both subscription and service accounts allow for targeting messaging, increasing followers, sharing content, advertising, and for directing followers to your website. Which type you choose depends on your business goals. If it is to push continual content then a subscription account might suit, but for more advanced features and for m-commerce, you may need a service account.

With WeChat value to the Official Accounts is guaranteed thanks to the type of content, focused on a single topic or specific sector; too high profile followers; a network of about 500,000 users and a guaranteed number of content views, within 24 hours of publication, more than 15% of total followers.

How can business reach Chinese consumers through WeChat?

wechat business service account

WeChat has three main functions for companies:

Brand communication

as a first step, companies can open a WeChat account (service account or registration account) offering a simple way to communicate directly with their followers and to share brand promotional content. WeChat is an open platform for companies to build their own apps based on WeChat, basically “an app within an app”, which is much cheaper and easier than developing a native app. And more importantly, this allows companies to access and interact more easily with the broad WeChat user base. It should be said that in China most companies, especially SMEs, will pay more attention to their official WeChat accounts than to their own websites. It is possible that many small businesses do not even have a formal website, as a large number of Chinese users have moved from the PC age with the screen to much more convenient and comfortable use of mobile platforms, especially WeChat.

E-Commerce: Wechat Store

WeChat is the perfect platform to reach Chinese customers and is a powerful C2C, B2C, and cross-border e-commerce tool. Businesses can easily incorporate their WeChat stores into their official accounts, as well as their promotional content, while the WeChat payment system allows simple transactions to be carried out for both online merchants and physical stores. Store locator and WeChat QR codes also provide a convenient interface between the online and offline world.

A WeChat user adds an official account just like adding a friend and sends messages to the official account in the way he/she chats with personal contacts. This allows us to create interesting opportunities to use WeChat as a customer service platform. As a company, you can talk directly with targeted customers, locate potential customers in a targeted way, customize your products, contextualize your sales, increase the commitment of followers, organize social campaigns and customize the shopping trip of your customers

Thanks to advertising it is possible to buy space on the Official Accounts to promote products or contents. WeChat advertising is an excellent platform to boost followers in the early stages. You need to create a fair amount of content before launching the advertising campaign. WeChat provides two advertising alternatives for verified accounts: Moments Ads and Account Ads.

Collaborate with KOL/Influencers

Or you can use WeChat KOLs. They have popular accounts with a large number of subscribers. Brands can search KOLs on WeChat or through marketing agencies. The cooperation model usually requires you to prepare or confirm the content with KOLs who then publish it on their WeChat accounts to promote your brand.

It is also possible to create an e-shop within the WeChat account and through online-to-offline activities, it is possible to involve users online and take them to buy offline.

Official accounts: some cases of success

Yi-Tiao, App Today, Car Professor and Restaurant Boss: here are some of the Official Accounts already active on WeChat. From the Lifestyle to the Hi-tech sector, from the Food to the car market: WeChat is a versatile tool useful for the communication of all sectors


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