lac poisoned

Near the town of Baotou there is a lac which is now no propitious at all for any king of life.

Here, they are exploting what they called « rares grounds ». It is a well known material which is use to make different composents, especially for phones.

Baotou is the biggest retailer in the world for those kind of materials. However to extract it there is a process which is in many way dangerous for the environnement. This region produce around 95% of the global « rares grounds » in the world even if this matter can be find almost every where on Earth. The Baotou area represent 30% of the total « rares ground » which can  be exploited all around the world.

Materials like cerium for cellphone, tactiles screens and tablettes and neodym for lasers and magnets. Paradoxically they are also used for econological machines such as engine for electrical car or wind turbines.

Smartphones poisoned a lac in China !

An economic (toxic) breath

Exploiting this region during the past decade was a real opportunity for the country. In 50 years the number of inhabitants was multiplicated by more than 20 and the economic consequences were profitable, however the ecological consequences came taint this positive balance sheet.

In the Baomou lac now there is many radioactive wastes like the thorium substances which cause pancreas, lung and blood cancers.

A chosen economical disaster

China is not the only place where this kind of exploitation can be done.  For example the exploitation in Baodou represent 30% of the planet’s stock of rares grounds.

So other countries can do it also but they just do not. The main reason  is for the environmental consequences and the impact made by the processe of extraction which use sulfuric acid and nitric acid also. This process produce a huge quantity of toxic wastes which other countries do not want on their ground, they just prefer to import smartphones, GPS, tactiles screens… instead of poisoned their environment.


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