Most Brands want Social Media Marketing in China, but different targets have different strategies.  Our agency’s purpose is to help implanted companies in China to be more known in a peaceful and difficult market.

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The western classic internet is censored by the government in China and using the web is them completely different.

Then, our agency is specialized in Chinese social media, we already helped more than 300 clients.

Social Media Marketing in China

Social Media Marketing in China

1. Social branding


In western countries or in China, social media have taken a very important place in our everyday life but also more and more in companies development strategy.

However, using social media in not automatically a security of success, and like all marketing weapons, it needs to be mastered to be more efficient.

So, it’s not long enough to use social medias, it’s important to build a social media strategy with an editorial line and a brand image that we want to build and promote, and that needs to be coherent with the hoped objectives to succeed in its integration and development on social media and in the market.

In our agency, our goal is to use these social media efficiently to build a strong brand image thanks to a social branding strategy and to improving and keeping its reputation. We talk about Social-reputation.

I&C(fashion luxury Brand)  use Social Media to show their Hand Made production to their community. )

branding China




2. Community Management


Social medias help to communicate in the web and we can’t more exclude them from a modern company’s strategy that wants to be in the mood of the time and to be efficient?

However, social media also help to better know its customers and understand them. Understand them to target them more efficiently and satisfy their needs by building a long-term and trusting relationship with them. It’s through this customer’s satisfaction and interaction process that companies value is built on social media.

Using social medias helps to create a customers ou followers community depending on the company’s activity, and they will quickly become essential to continue in the social media.

Our work is to extol a sustainable approach based on the construction of a strong editorial line. For that, it’s important to unify the web community to link all the marketing actions but also to develop a different approach adapted to each social media but also to each company’s activity area to adapt more easily to its audience and answer to the expectations.

Then, in Community Management, our work is to :


  • Create, optimize and develop necessary social media to your brand
  • Write and plan content with values and storytelling
  • Manage and animate interactions, exchanges and conversations into the communities
  • Establish operational marketing actions to qualify, develop and transform potential customers in the communities in effective customers or prescribers.
  • Establish bloggers relations, safe and sustainable to show your expertise in grabbing visibility on the web and in social media

Durex is the perfect example of Community Management in China.

Only Lyon realized a very good community management Job, with the recruitment of Chinese that is curious about France.

OnlyLyon China



3. Social selling


Internet had an important effect on the sells but also on companies selling technics. The web had hardly change selling and its practices because the buyer has more easy access to information on the seller and their products, and can more easily compare the products between them to get the best price, the best quality of product and service delivery in the market.

The web provides a huge information base, diversified, relevant or not, coming from providers, prescribers, media, bloggers, satisfaction or unsatisfied customers.

Then, companies have to adapt to more informed potential buyers, and prefer listening to prospection, but don’t let down prospection, they need to approach it in another way, get more transparency, answer to prospects questions more quickly and work on its reputation.

The social selling means to use social medias in the digital strategy of a company and on its sells methods.

In our agency, establishing social selling’s goal is to get the loyalty of the prospect or the customer through publishing very often information and participation to the traffic generation on the website or in the companies profits its notoriety, and that needs :


  • Identification of the contents to share depending on the company’s strategy
  • Production of contents: blogs articles, press releases…
  • Establishing diffusion procedure and getting back these contents to make sells.

Beats realize a good Weibo campaign, engaging artists to sell their Products via their E-commerce platform.

Ecommerce China


This Chinese Brand uses the star Angela Baby to direct traffic to their Tmall platform.

Check on top topic Weibo and their Tmall store

Ecommere Marketing social China


Ecommere social China


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