You are plentiful who want to entre on the chinese market. Because, everybody know that chinese consumers are the future. Many opportunities are available to you.  Their economy is well and increasing. Their wealth is growing. A better access to information allow them to consumer more and more foreign products. Lot of things which make companies dream.

But your are also plentiful to fail. Chinese market is a really particular market. It doesn’t work as your market and you have to understand that. Besides, chinese consumers are also differents than western consumers. You need to adapt you.

We will show you some mistakes than you can avoid.


Yes, chinese language is not easy. And yes, few people speak mandarin. But no matter. If you want to do business in China you need to speak mandarin or to work with chinese native.

First of all, never use the online translators such google translate ! It give you a bad translation.

However, you can’t just translate from your native speaking to mandarin. It’s not the same construction and you will make a lot of mistakes.

Chinese people are very different. They don’t think in the same way than us, that’s why their language construction is different.

If you make a bad translation you can create a bad buzz and offend chinese consumers and here you want to pomote your brand on the chinese market, not destroy it.

In addition, as chinese people have a different culture, some things could be misinterpret. Chinese culture is very traditionnal and has a lot of normes that you have to know before enter in the chinese market. A good translation and a good use of chinese traditions could bring you awerness.

We will not name brands who generated bad buzz but if you check on the net, you will find quickly.

That you must remember is to call a native speaker to do your translation.


I adviced you to have chinese native in your team, because they know chinese culture and how chinese market work. But don’t become too chinese. I mean that, you need to keep your foreign image. It’s one of the reason why chinese love your brand, because your are a foreign brand. So if you only use chinese concepts you will be confounded with a chinese brand and consumers will boycott you.

Chinese consumers love foreign culture. It’s your competitive advantage on this market. Don’t detroy it making products too much chinese. Chinese consumers don’t want made in China product. They don’t trust local brands due to all the scandals and conterfeits.

Some brands think that if they want to adapat their strategy for the chinese market, they have to sell chinese products. Not at all !

You can sell your own product but you have to maintain your foreign image. It’s your key to success on the chinese market.


Even if chinese market is not the same as our market, you don’t need to change completely your products. If chinese consumers buy your products it’s because you bring them « exotic » products that they are not use to consume.

You can keep your products but just change some features.

For example, McDonald’s perfectly understand that concept. They sell all over the world the same products but adapt some tastes. If you go to Italy, you will find on the menus : pasta salad, parmesan cheese. If you go to France, they offer sandwich with french bread and if you go to china, they offer shrimp or breaded pork.

You need to adapt to China, not change your DNA.


China has its own communication system. If you only promote your brand on google and hope be visible to your chinese consumers, you have not understand how chinese market works.

China governement has created a parallel system. All the communication channels you have in your contries exist in China. You have to be present on this media platforms.

For example you have :

  • Baidu – the chinese google
  • Wechat : a multifunction platform where you can share moments, chat, buy online.
  • Weibo – the chinese twitter
  • Youku – the chinese youtube

And a lot of other more effective as each other.

You need to forget all you think know on advertizing. You must understand the chinese consumers. Some tools are effective in your countries but will be a disaster in China, because chinese consumers don’t consult this communication supports.

So you understand that the chinese market is not easy to domesticate. If you want to promote your brand you have first to analyse this market and understand how it work. You can also work with specialists of the chinese market. They are used to work on that and they will help you developing the best marketing stratgey you never seen.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency, specialists of Chinese Digital Marketing Landscape.

Our experience allow us to understand the chinese market and know the real methods for success in this lucrative market.

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