The Space Capsules Pengheng Hotel in Shenzhen


In Shenzhen, China, the Space Capsules Pengheng Hotel opened its doors three months ago, and offers guests an experience on the theme of space and reinforced by some robots personnel.

Thus, if there is a person at the front desk at all times and in other places in the hotel, there are robots to do other tasks. We thus find a doorman but also a robot server in the coffee area . People can then order their meals on a shelf, and their order arrives a few minutes later with a robot server .

This micro hotel decor might remind some ( old ) science fiction movies !

If you want to try, the Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel is located in the district of Bao’an Shenzhen (China) near the subway station of Baoan Xixiang . It costs 70 yuan (about $ 11) per person per night. You should know that it is more affordable than in Japan, because the room rates of capsule hotels are between two and four thousand yen per night ( or $ 20 to $ 40).

To give you a better idea, here are some photos of this hotel with its various micro capsules and amenities (bathroom , laundry … )






















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