The special purchases online for the Spring Festival


Low price and great variety

It needs just some clicks, the special local products from the whole China, even the whole word can be send to home. On the site Taobao, we can find more than 7000 kinds of special purchases for the Spring Festival, including the food, the drink, the cigarettes, the decorations, the presents, etc.

Generally, the prices of these goods are lower than the same thing in the stores. And besides, the online market has a great promotion for the Spring Festival, for example, from January 13 to 19, Jingdong starts a promotion event that “you get 100 yuan cash rebut for every 100 yuan consumption of food and drink”, such as the wine, the cake, the chocolate, the nuts…

The sites of group-buying join in the campaign too and they attire the consumers by a lower price.

 Home delivery service

The convenience is an other reason why people like shopping on line. We don’t need go out, just sit before the computer, with some clicks, we can get things which we want directly at home. The special purchases for the Spring Festival is a big work because usually, we need buy a lot of things, so it’s not easy to carry them home, even if you have a car, the parking in the shopping mall during the festival in China is an other serious problem. So the home delivery service, sometimes which is free, can be a good convenience for a lot of people.

Especially for this new year, the holidays of the Spring Festival is beginning from the December 30, many staff members don’t have time to go shopping, so the shopping online should be a good ways for them.

But what we should notice is that, the shopping online of the special purchases should be as early as possible because it needs think about the delivery time and the holidays of the couriers, avoiding the case that the new year goods arrive at home after the festival.

More information about the e-commerce in China, you can see hereor here.

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Marketing 2 China

The Chinese Spring Festival of the year 2014 is coming; as the Chinese has the custom of special purchases for the Spring Festival, so the Spring Festival is a key chance for the merchants, including the e-merchants on line. The online shopping has become one part for several people’s everyday life. The big shopping websites focus on this opportunity and campaign in the war of “special purchases for the Spring Festival”.