Sports Illustrated China : is that too much ?

It’s the buzz of the moment, the latest photo shoot of Sports Illustrated magazine for its Swimsuit 2013 edition. For this campaign, photo shoots have been made in several places around the world : Europe, Africa, Asia.


Quickly, a polemic appeared about a possible racist or insulting content especially in China. Even People’s Daily (website or the Chinese government) wrote an article about that.

After asking my Chinese friends and comments on Wechat or Weibo, Chinese people don’t see that as shocking and think on the contrary that pictures are nice and it’s just a shooting with swim suits.

As far as I’m concerned, I think that nowadays, some people see the evil everywhere while it was an original idea from Sports Illustrated.

The website ChinaHush has made a good analysis on that topic with specific comments about Chinese pictures.

Here are some pictures of the photo shoot.

Pictures of the shoot









So do you think it’s too much ? Sports Illustrated has done that only for provocation ? I will let you judge and I’m waiting for your remarks and comments.