The size of the market:

China spend 400~500million RMB every year on importing meat processing machines. The demand of these two years is estimated to be 1 billion RMB. 70%~80% of the machines in big factories are imported. In average, half the meat processing machines are imported in this industry.


Why so many machines need imported?
The quality requirement of the customers are increasing which increase the demand for more types of machines.
The quality requirement for exporting meat increases.
Most local machine manufacturers are about 20 years behind western companies in technology.


However, imported machines also face problems:

  1. High price
  2. High requirement on operator
  3. After-service(to change the spare parts usually take long down time)
  4. Fake foreign brand
  5. High operation cost

What customers like:

To merit from both local and foreign machines, many companies take key high-tech imported machines and local corollary equipment. For example, some slaughtering enterprises only import dehairing machines and abdomen-supporting three point type corona machines, then integrate them with other local machines on line. For foreign machine manufacturers, their targets are big companies because for those small companies, local machines can meet their requirement.

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