Storytelling is an important step to make its brand well known and to increase its brand awareness in china in order to find new clients.

If your company is making business, you will need to tell a good story, the kind of story that Chinese people love. By chance, there are different tools for that. At this moment, china is going through so many different changes that it lead to several consequences, like cultural change. These changes are playing an important role in private life or on social network.tm_storytelling

For company and brand, compelling storytelling will attract more customers and build their brand image.

Here are 6 storytelling campaigns very popular that you can use in your marketing strategy in china.  


Chinese people have their own place in the world now.  A lot of Chinese want to impose their identity as a citizen of the word and not just as Chinese citizen.

Which story to tell? Company and brands can tell story of Chinese who are influencing the world, those who have an impact on communities out of china. Show to your consumers that its important for Chinese communities to have a place in foreign communities.

Fashion industry is especially fit for benefiting from that storytelling with post80s’ and post90s’ vying for individuality and self-expression.


For millions of Chinese, these last decades allowed to some of them to become richer very fast. However, some of the tactics employed brought bitterness in some regions. To continue, we can see another problem because of the health. Indeed, stay long time at work, unhealthy eating habits, tobacco and alcohol during meeting lead to diseases like cancer…Chinese people are wondering if it’s worth it. They start to think that maybe working hard is not so good for them.financement

What will be your story?

Imagine a company that would be able to help you getting richer without impacting on your health. A simple story with laughter, smile or a moment of rest in a middle of a stressful day will attract young professional Chinese. Financial Services companies could tell a convincing story about the way to manage wealth.


Financial security is really important in china. For many people, the memory of poverty is still present in people’s mind. Have a stable salary is one of most important thing for Chinese people. They keep that in mind when they have to decide where to live or where to study or work.

Which story to tell?  The story of a company where you can work, follow your dream and in same time assure a real financial safety.

pocket money


 It’s a classical problem and one of the most present in china. It creates a lot of generation problems. We can even find it in TV SHOW, in advertising and marketing campaigns. The strain appear usually at the moment of the wedding: the question is « married for financial security or for love »? both match rarely in China…

Which story to tell: why can’t you have both? It’s a farmer idea, it was used so many time but still working.

money and love

5 OLD VS Modernity

China has a rich cultural heritage and they are very proud of it. However, focus on the past bring problem because of the conflict due to the raise of the country in the international stage. It’s a fight between traditional and new concept. The new concept is coming from foreign country. It’s a big problem because Chinese people try to make their own definition of modern but they are oppressed by foreign country and mostly by American pop culture.


This cultural differences can be difficult to understand for strangers. Europeans people are growing up in big companies very individualist. In this kind of company, it’s good to be different but in China it can be seen like arrogance or a sign of irresponsibility. Besides, we can also say that it can bring negative replies. This effect show that the opinion of the all community is more important that just the opinion of one person.

Which story to tell?  The individualism within a community. : The character is special and different. He or her follows selfishly her or his dream. But finally, learn to make the difference, to become a leader or a king of hero. That would be perfect to attract the teenager and young adult who are dreaming to be unique without responsibility.

A good story doesn’t have to take any ideological position. The company and brand don’t have to make any politics and resist at the desire to judge.

So you will have understand, to increase your business in China, you should have a really good story to tell.


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