A new approach of the e-tourism industry

Alibaba Group announced a new brand and domain name «Alitrip. It has been designed to provide better services for tourism. The announcement was made ​​on October 27 in a press release by the group. Taobao travel became Alitrip with the aim of improving services in the tourism sector.

This new service will come as a logical consequence of the previous innovation started by the Alibaba group in wide variety of sector, ranging from e-commerce to cloud computing services

Alitrip has been created to answer the following situation :

In general, online travel companies focus on product sales travel while orbiting travel requests remain unanswered . The establishment of Alitrip the team Alibaba hopes to raise the travel industry online with the possibilities offered by Alitrip . Thus, in addition to offering standard trips had already Taobao travel Alitrip will focus on four aspects of well-defined travel :

The mobile service.

The mobile app Alitrip offers all the features of services that can be useful when traveling .

This includes :

  • Easy cancellation of previous booking.
  • Pre-registration of user preferences when buying tickets ( class window seat or aisle etc …)For November 11 , the day singles in China , Alibaba offer mobile single promotions , including airline tickets cost RMB 1

Alitrip screen shot

Innovative products and services:

Alitrip continually seek opportunities to improve its services and products offered by technology and innovation. For example , customers can use a function Alitrip pre-order and travel products through their reserve account Yu’e Bao, a product of the money market. The money they use for purchases in their account will Yu’e Bao and continue to earn interest until the confirmation of the transaction. Alitrip Customers can also check into hotels without using a credit card to guarantee payment , providing information on their Alipay account the automatic deduction of expenses at the end of their stay.

Expansion of the platform

The flagship airline Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Airlines and main hotel – booking on the website of the Asia Agoda.com signed agreements before joining Alitrip single day annual festival of popular shopping November 11 Alitrip will work with additional major airlines, travel agents and third party service providers to join the thousands of merchants who already operate on the platform.

Consumer Protection

To provide customers with the security and convenience, Alitrip will not ask questions consumers refund tickets or hotel reservations in an hour. To protect the interests of consumers, Alitrip also operate a fund

Consumer 100 million RMB through which reimbursements may be reassigned to its customers immediately .

Alitrip will be an integral part of the ecosystem of Alibaba Group, offering a wide range of products and services to become the leading travel services provider.



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