100 figures to understand Ecommerce in China

The battle of global e-commerce has not begun. Indeed, as the three dominating monsters of the global e-commerce, Amazon, Alibaba and Rakuten, do not really face, we will have seen nothing. Industrials can be anxious concerning the decisions, which will be difficult to take.

In 2014, we are entering the second phase of e-commerce. The real challenge is happening now.

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In recent weeks, Alibaba openly announced his intention to dethrone Wallmart from its global leadership of BtoC trade in 2016. It is just a problem of time. Alibaba should inevitably become the world leader in trade. Beyond the leadership of e-commerce that did not exist 15 years ago … my concern also comes from the evolution of the trends: it is inevitable that a new business model will dominate the world: the market places.

The staggering numbers of Chinese E -commerce

 jack ma ecommerce China1. The e-commerce the Chinese Internet

–       2013: Year when China became the first place of online sales, surpassing the USA, now N°2 in the world

–       1 000 000 000 of Chinese people use their phone to connect to Internet

–       242 000 000 of Chinese people buy on the Internet (75 million more than in the USA)

–       22% make over than 40 online purchases per year

–       27% of the share of the disposable income of Chinese Internet users living in first class cities is spent online

–       210 billion of revenue for the Chinese e-commerce in 2012

–       120% is the average annual growth rate sin 2003

–       177 000 000 000 : number of acts of online purchases in 2012

–       9 out of 10 pay by using electronic payment services (but half pay cash on delivery)

–       650 billion: estimation of total online sales in China by 2020

–       5 hours per weekday spent by the young Chinese netizens.

 2. The social networks for Chinese people

–       400 million of Chinese have already used social networks

–       500 million of Chinese people use WeChat

–       63 520 000 have a Facebook profile

–       35 million of Chinese have a Twitter profile

–       44% use a social network before making a purchase decision

This can be explained by the Chinese diaspora. And also because Chinese who go abroad and the presence of Taiwanese and Hong Kongers are often included in these statistics

3. Market shares

–       51,3% for Tmall Alibaba

–       17,3% for 360buy

–       3,4% for Amazon

–       3,3% for Sunning.com

–       2% for Dangdang

–       90,4% for Taobao Alibaba Group

–       9% for Paipai

–       0,6% for Ebay


4. ALIBABA group

–       1999: years of the foundation of the platform BtoB founded by Jak Ma

–       700 million Chinese are already connected to the site TMall.com

–       $ 60 billion: estimation of Alibaba Group

–       $ 490 billion is the estimated volume of transactions announced in 2016

–       200 countries where Alibaba is present in 2012.

–       6 000 000 of e -tailers on Taobao.com

–       $ 16 billion of investment to develop its logistics center by 2020

–       24,000 worldwide employees in Alibaba in 2012.

–       50 000: number of transactions per minute on Taobao.


5. Double eleven day: the day of Chinese singles

This is the day where singles people enjoy special promotions … a rush … 10 M of connections in one minute….

–       3.8 billion of dollars of CA in 24 hours for the Tmall on 11/11/13

–       78 million of parcels in 24 hours.

–       10 million of connexions in 1 minute at 0:01 on 11/11/13, double eleven day.


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