An advertising campaign is always more interesting when there is an interaction with the viewers. It is also retained in viewer’s memory for a longer period of time. Martell M obliged Cognac in China to engage in one such campaign, which caused quite a stir in the airports at Beijing’s Capital, and also at Shanghai’s Pudong where this campaign was initiated. It was created by the Shanghai office of the agency TBWA.

martell m

Dangdai Mingshi, Yingxiang Xun Lu as the campaign was called in Chinese means Modern Elites and their Journey of New Elegance. The well known photographer Justin Jin travelled to cities like Beijing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan capturing elegantly turned out men on camera. This was to go with the slogan for the Cognac, New Elegance. Thereafter, these photographs were exhibited in the airports each having a unique code. When you use your phone, scan the picture and access to the profiles of these elegant men via WeChat, you get a description of their achievements on audio mode. Winning participants were offered free plane tickets as incentive. WeChat enabled participants to access it even if they were not at the airport. WeChat was therefore the platform to create a great marketing model with so much interaction between visitors, as it was after all one of the most used mobile app in China today.

High foot fall in the airports encourage travellers to participate also and it paid off with thousands of hits for the cognac brand giving it the opportunity to even connect with tier two markets which is the new emerging market place. This was indeed a successful campaign with participants running into several thousands. It has thereby been established that WeChat is a successful way of reaching out to users.