The success of e-catering websites in China

China is a country that hosts numerous foreigners. Everyone knows that Chinese cuisine is very diversified but still does not meet the tastes of expatriates. In fact, some of them do not want to test the chicken legs or sea cucumbers ! Sometimes, we would like to find the ” Western Food ” and enjoy a good meal at home. It’s possible! The arrival of the catering sites online has made the happiness of foreigners in China (as well as local Chinese) !

Sherpa or paradise catering online in China

For those that do not know yet, Sherpa is a store of home delivery. You can actually order any type of food and have it delivered directly to your door. Sherpa was created and is here to make your life easier ! You can easily contact them by phone or online on their website. First, start select your city, then your address. After that, you can choose between a large number of restaurants offering all types of cuisine: Chinese, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, French etc.. Then, a menu is offered  with photos in mostly restaurant. Place your order and confirm with one click and you will receive confirmation of your request by phone or SMS. As everywhere, you will pay a small commission for home delivery.

sherpa logo

Other catering sites online exist as Shbite  but the most famous still remains Sherpa. Also, unlike France, the big brand McDonald offers a delivery service. The French are fans and enjoy during their trip to China (sometimes too much)! Your “Big Mac” menu will be brought to the feet of your door! According to Le Figaro, France is not “ready yet to take the plunge delivery” because it is too expensive to implement.

mcdonald china franchise

This paper shows the success of e-commerce in China. Restaurants develop new strategies to reach more customers by delivering service that appeals to many Chinese and people who are traveling in China. It is a way to increase sales and give a good image to the brand. This market is experiencing a big boom and develops gradually in the world.


The e-business market in China

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