Campaign on the E-commerce site in 2012. This campaign could be the most successful marketing campaign in past 2 years with its 200 tons of orange were sold in the first month online and made entire Chinese marketers re-thinking how to come up with a marketing strategy to achieve today’s successful business online and win the customers.

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The success of ‘Chu orange’ started with a retired man who has already 85- years old. He is the previews Hongta Group Chairman Chu Shijian and deprived of political rights and sentenced to life imprisonment for 17 years. However, he didn’t just give up his life, instead, he started his orange business by taking 10 years of preparation and made his success in the business again. This is not just a great encouraging story of businessman in China but also a great marketing example for all the marketers. 


How to win a customer’s heart? – An emotional approach to marketing execution.

At begin, this campaign was successful gained the trust among elder generations like the 50s and 60s because of the behind story. However, when Mr. Chu decided to launch it’s campaign online, a simple storytelling cannot really win today’s generation like post-80s and 90s, but they are the most active group of people online and the major customers for the future. The marketing strategy has become crucial.


The campaign was smart. Instead of telling a story directly, they got involved in all these young people which started by some of the post-80s influential celebrities which including writer Han han, national volleyball player Zhang rui rui and film director Huang hai. They were the big opinion leaders of the campaign for promoting its product. They were not just simply telling their fans the ‘Chu orange’ is good, but making the campaign more interesting with today popular words online. They made their fans to interact with them to discuss, and sharing the story of the ‘Chu orange’. In addition, they executed the story ‘Chu orange’ which becomes the ‘inspiring orange’ later after. And also we can see the pictures below, the campaign puts phrases like “peel the oranges and wait for my home”( right corner one)on the package, something with a sense of humor which really reflects the post-80s and 90s daily life. OR they put an interesting picture of the product online. How was it becoming an encouragement and inspiring oranges? The key opinion leaders are the key to success- allow your product to get as close as possible to your target and rich your product with interesting elements and the right time and the right place.

If you choose your business to go on E-commerce, then you need to work well on your online marketing strategy

‘ Chu orange’ has been working with not just with benlai,com, they are also using different online channels and resources to promote their product, and these sites are the most popular sites for young people, such Tencent QQ, 360, Juhuasuan and Sina Weibo. All these collaborations aim to lose to the young people as mentioned earlier.

They are searching for any information and shopping for all most everything online. This requires you to present your product with good information, promotion strategy in each channel.3


Social media is the main platform to allow people to really get an insight of your brand, any information which relates to your brand will be greatly discussed among the target. Your PR strategy will make a big difference to your product.

As we can see from the image above, the campaign puts the meaning of life into the product in each promote which will really make the oranges are different from others


However, how you catch people’s attention is a big deal to enhance your product sales and influencing among your target audience, especially for the young generation.

Interactivity between your campaign and your target audience on the social media increases your campaign’s visibility and allows your campaign always ranking at the top of the discussion.

The ‘Chu orange’ campaign is a great marketing example of online marketing, however, this marketing strategy cannot be copied for other campaigns in terms of it’s unique and distinctive behind the story. But there are two things we can learn from the campaign: To get an insight into the product and make it really connect to the customer is the first. Secondly, to do the online business, work well on the social media and each platform on the internet are important to the campaign.


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