Suning lingqianpay VS Yu Ebao

Attention: Investment needs to be cautions!

The evening of January 13th, the Suningyun made an announcement said, the filiale Nanjing Suning yipay network technology Co., Ltd. (Yipay). The balance of financial product “lingqianpay” will be officially launched in January 15th. “Lingqianpay” fired the first shot in 2014 Internet financial war.

What are the differences between lingqianppay and Yu Ebao?

Which is more beneficial?


 The differences between lingqianpay and Yu Ebao

Compared to the Baidu and Wangyi financial, lingqianpay, launched by Suning is more like a “twins brother” of Yu Ebao. The two are both linked to monetary fund, monetary gold income and can be redeemed, also with the functions as consumer shopping, credit card payments, payment in the everyday life and many other applications.

Then what are the differences between them? The biggest difference is that there is a link between lingqianpay and monetary fund of two fund companies, it supports two monetary funds “GF day” and “Huitianfu cash”, the user need choose one of them when he transfers funds to lingqianbao, it does not support the two fund products at the same time, but can be transformed into each other. While the monetary fund with which Yu Ebao has a link is only “Celestica”.

 The revenue pk between lingqianpay and Yu Ebao



In the field of revenue, the competition of the two is essentially a comparison of the income ability of the three monetary fund. Among them, the oldest one is “Celestica”, it was founded in May 29, 2013 ; “Huitianfu cash” was founded in September 12, 2013 ; and the last one, “GF day”, was founded in October 22, 2013.

The website Bankrate data shows, during the period from the respective establishment date to January 13, 2013, the average rate of return on the 7th of the year yield is: “Celestica” 4.96% ; “Huitianfu cash” 5.63% ; “GF day” 6.11%.

From the above data, we can see that, later the money funds established, higher the average rate of return on the 7th of the year yield is. The reason is that the second half of 2013, the interest rates in money market constantly move up, and the monetary fund’s income is rising. However, because the establishment time is different, so the above data is difficult to compare horizontally.

From the starting time of “GF day” (October 22, 2013), until to the last net day of the monetary fund (January 13, 2014), we make a horizontal comparison entre the three monetary fund, the data shows that the highest average rate of return on the 7th of the year yield is still “GF day”, 6.11% ; followed by “Huitianfu cash”,5.72% ; the lowest remains “Celestica”, 5.45%.

In fact, the average rate of return on the 7th of the year yield can not reflect the actual revenue of the investments, the horizontal comparison of the cumulative revenue per million income (October 22, 2013 to January 13, 2014) is more objective. During this period, the accumulated income per million income of “GF day” is 128.45 yuan, “Huitianfu cash” is 129.13 yuan, and “Celestica” is 123.55 yuans.

As the question what is the cumulative revenue per million income in the interval?

To illustrate, supposing that in October 22, 2013, an user invests ten thousand yuan into the “GF day” monetary fund, by January 13, 2014, he can get a return of 129.74 yuan.


The above comparison data shows, since the establishment to now, “GF day” has a better revenue. But the analysts of the website Bankrate suggest to investors that it represents only the historical performance, due to the above are born in an excellent environment with a high interest rate in money market, so they have a good performance, but what investors need to understand is that, the money funds’ income is linked closely with the trend of money market interest rate which is instable, therefore, we can not simply apply to historical performance as the only standard. The choice of monetary fund should also consider the stability of long-term income; the large monetary fund with stable revenue is more suit the long-term investment.



In addition, for the investors of Yu Ebao or lingqianpay, it’s necessary to notice the account security problem, although Ali and Suning claim both they ensure the safety of funds, but there are still many reports about the loss of capital without compensation, so for the large funds’ investments, it still needs to be cautious.

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