It’s going to be a marvelous Christmas this year in Beijing as a result of the collaboration between Jewelry-maker Swarovski  and Galeries Lafayette´s flagship store in Beijing.

Extravaganza comes from the alliance between Galeries Lafayettes´s flaghship store in Beijing and Swarovski.

As a result of this cooperation, Galeries Lafayette  Beijing  has been transformed into a “crystal palace” from November 14 to December 26.

The goal of the Sparkling Christmas campaign is to get a prime placement into the consumer´s mind who are searching for Christmas gifts. Besides, this campaign seeks to highlight international and local designers.


In order to achieve their main objective, Galeries Lafayette´s flagship store in Beijing has been converted in a pop-up shop with a dazzling décor. The store has been decorated with window displays with a festival of lights through which they show shimmering and giants LED screens, mannequins with abnormal faces crafted out of feathers, geometric shapes, spectacular lights and crystallized monsters.


The campaign includes exclusive collections by local designer. There are 150 design pieces of which 100 are limited editions only available at the store and the other 50 are rare works and inspirational exhibition pieces and all of them have Swarovski crystal embedded. Shoes, accessories, menswear and womens-wear has been designed by 47 brands, among which 24 are Chinese.

“At the same time, we give a platform to international designers, even more so to the Chinese designers. We never had such a powerful design from China before.” said, Swarovski’s senior vice-president of Northern Asian sales operations.


This cooperation includes well-known Chinese designers like Zang Chi, Wang Peiyi, Masha Ma and Christopher Bu. The campaign also includes international designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Alejandro Ingelmo, Elena Ghisellini,  Joshua Sanders and many more.

For example, Christine Lau’s pieces are inspired from cows which are popular in Austria, Swarovski’s original home.Christine Lau also took inspiration from cows, and transformed her signature print on a brocade skirt. Masha Ma included Swarovski crystals and beautiful embroidery in her designers in order to create a modern and feminine look.



Chinese consumers are very interesting in local designers due to their curiosity to explore their own personality. In addition, the new Chinese design is based on a much wider interpretation of the Chinese history in a modern way, instead of using typical Chinese symbols. This means that Chinese designers are more sophisticated and creative than before.

Swarovski has been working with local designers since a decade and is supporting them, namely by providing them Swarovski crystals to use in their designs, while giving them financial support at the same time.

“Galeries Lafayette has a differentiated approach to the Chinese market, as a showplace of its traditional French chic, as well as a curator for local designers,” said Marie Driscoll, CEO and chief consultant of the New York based Driscoll Advisors firm.



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