Introduction : According to the latest data from Taobao, three days after the launch of the “farm assistance” program, sales of agricultural products have exceeded 3 million jin. A spokesman for Taobao also said that, according to internal estimates, every 2,000kg of agricultural products sold could help a farmer prepare for the cost of returning to farming in the spring.

The reason why sales of agricultural products are affected

Affected by the coronavirus, agricultural products across China are experiencing sales and logistics problems. The main factors causing the problem are as follows:

1. Epidemic prevention led to the closure of large agricultural products trading centers, making the offline trading of agricultural products, which had long been dependent on, almost stopped;

2. Roads are closed or semi-closed during epidemic prevention, causing logistics difficulties;

3. Due to the shutdown, packaging materials such as cartons and foam needed for packaging and delivery are in short supply, and labor is also very scarce compared with usual.

Taobao launched “farmers assistance” project to help farmers affected by the virus

In this content, Taobao launched “farmers assistance” These agricultural products, which come from Shandong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Liaoning, and other provinces can be purchased directly by searching for keywords on the Taobao.

In addition, many businesses in this project have donated vegetables and fruits for the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Taobao said that in the process of screening merchants, it will give priority to those who have made contributions to the Wuhan to encourage more merchants.


Taobao is also appealing for more consumers to help farmers suffering from low sales by placing orders.

At such a special stage, Taobao is using its e-commerce advantages to help Wuhan and the affected merchants. Every ordinary consumer will contribute to the fight against the coronavirus by purchasing daily necessities.


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