According to data from the platform, more than 30,000 people opened new stores on Taobao every day in February, and many more reopened “old stores” that had not been running before.

Recently, work and study activity has resumed across China, with some companies able to work from home, offline merchants then move their business online. In Taobao, live streaming, online promotion… a variety of online activities are very active.

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Companies are looking for opportunities online

Data shows that in the last half month, the number of newly launched live streaming studios on Taobao has doubled year on year, and the number of live streaming is 110% higher than last year. Especially after February 10, Alibaba announced that all offline businesses in the country can enter Taobao live streaming. 31 well-known catering enterprises including Dongpo in meizhou, Real Kung Fu signed up for live streaming on the same day, they turned their kitchens into the live streaming studio, let the chef on live streaming to drive online sales.

At the same time, Taobao also encourages offline merchants to register their shop assistants as Taobao anchors for free, so that everyone can resume work online. Recently, more than 1000 shop assistants of Yintai department store opened more than 1000 live shows in three days, bringing about nearly 10 million transactions. Some of the best sales assistants even do live streaming is equivalent to a week of work. Enterprises then opened a new situation with online sales.

E-commerce has become the redeemer for individual businesses

The individual small business that spreads all over the country, during the coronavirus, also turned to online to open Taobao Store.

Besides merchants with supplies, some spare employees without supplies also begin to operate their own business. Many employees stay at home and cannot go out to work choose to open their Taobao store. The data shows that the number of new stores opened on Taobao has increased by more than 300% since February 3.

At the same time, farmers are also going online to sell vegetables and fruits. Data shows that since February 6, when Taobao first launched the charity campaign to help farmers, the online consumption of the fruit has increased by nearly 600% year on year, while the consumption of vegetables has increased by as much as 1300%. Taobao has also set up a charity fund to help farmers sell fruits and vegetables online.


During this special situation, many industries have been affected heavily. But e-commerce has opened new opportunities for these businesses and their employees. The shift of more industries from offline to online will become a new trend in China’s retail industry.


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