Ten Buzzes Chinese Focus on New Year’s Day


The ten buzzes that Chinese people talk most online on New Year’s Day.

1. New Year Eve Countdown Concert highlight


New Year Eve Countdown Concert

New Year Eve Countdown Concert on Hunan TV


2. “Sister Flat” owns 11 houses with two residence IDs

“Sister Flat” is the daughter of a official in Zhengzhou who has owned 11 flats. However, according to the regulations, a resident in China can only purchased 3 flats at maximum.

3. Fire at Hangzhou on New Year’s Eve

Fire on New Year’s Eve in a factory in Hangzhou caused three casualties of firemen.

4. Guide for films during New Year Holidays


films during New Year Holidays

films during New Year Holidays


5. First-generation of ID card invalidated

First generation of ID was released 28 years ago and used by more than 1 billion people. Today, it is officially invalidated.

6. Illegal custody of Family Planning official

An official from family planning office in Fujian province is reported to take people violating the regulation of family planning policy illegally.

7. “Express to Chinese New Year Gala” suspected cheating

“Express to Chinese New Year Gala” is a TV reality show made by CCTV, the winner of which will obtain the opportunity to appear on the Chinese New Year Gala, the most popular TV program in China. But it was discovered that the decisions are already made by insiders before the show starts.


violent delivery


8. Ban of smoking in all public

According to the plan of China government, smoking in public will be totally banned in 3 years.

9. Violent express delivery

There are about 20 million mailboxes are delivered everyday in China while many of them are treated as trash, thrown, stepped and even opened by the workers freely.

10. Eric Tsang is caught taking drug

Eric Tsang is one of the most famous actors in China and he is caught taking drug by police and face a 5-year sentence.