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Tennis Agency

How do we help you to promote and sell tennis equipment??


We build an innovative marketing Campaign for your Brand.

Online Reputation

Management of your image and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.

Press Release

We increase your visibility on the search engine

Personal Branding

We help you to market yourself and your career as a Brand.



Tennis brand refers to the tennis brands equipment and other tennis accessories. How to promote and sell tennis equipment?


O2O: a new trend for selling your products


The trend is on the “online 2 offline” and sports brands take this new opportunity to market their products. The boom of digital and especially the use of mobile applications have made the online to offline a revolution in all sectors.


The online campaign is the reason for the success of some brands: an effective marketing campaign using the online tool.


The brand was great at understanding the secrets of this social media in China.

Press  Release

Public Relations are one of the most powerful forms of communication in order to develop a strong the image and reputation of a company, a product or brand in China.

The aim goal of public relations is to win the big “media battle” and to maintain a positive relationship between your company and the journalists in your sector.

The objective of having a good PR presence in China is to:

  •     Improve your reputation and visibility within specialized communities.
  •     Improve your image by removing all negatives messages.
  •     Control and manage your reputation.


The online reputation of your brand is very important. Before to follow a player,  Chinese will usually read the reviews and comments of other users. If there are too many negative opinions against positive reviews, the Internet user will turn to another player rather than yours.

To do this, there are several ways such as press relations. You can encourage journalists or bloggers to publish online articles about you, which will allow you to get a better reputation.

Our agency has more than 3000 online journalists on our address book and we select them in relation to your target audience.


Personal Branding

Personal branding is the way that people marketing themselves and their career as brands. In China the best way to make your personal branding is to use social networks as a communication opportunity to reach a significant portion of China’s population.

As the Chinese social media landscape is the most dynamic and unique one in the world. Even though China does not offers access to popular US social media channels like Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, China has created its own social networking platforms to enable authorities to better monitor what is going on there.

There are communication tools such as Weibo and WeChat that have achieved mass-market penetration.



WeChat is the most widely used social network in China. It looks like Facebook but offers more features like book a hotel room, buy movie tickets, pay their electricity bill or telephone, book a table at a restaurant, etc. Companies can create an official account. Today, the number stands at 4 million accounts. It allows social network users to subscribe to news related to the company’s activities.

Our agency helps you to create and manage your official account.

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