It seems that everything goes well for the travel agency Qunar. At the third trimester, Qunar registered revenues of 596, 6 millions yuan’s in 2015.

9 airlines companies decided to stop working with Qunar

Today, 9 airlines companies decided to stop working with the Chinese travel agency Qunar including the 4 biggest Chinese airlines companies such as: China Southern, China Eastern, China Airline and Hainan Airline.

The airline company China Southern declared “In order to protect our passenger’s interests and to improve the established market. China Southern Airlines decided to suspend its cooperation with Qunar and to interrupt the travel agency link on the online plateform”

There are too many complaints about the service offered by Qunar including the unjustified extras fees, the refunds and the excessive price of the flight tickets.

Since Monday, the second biggest travel agency in China see its shares dropped to 16, 6%. It seems that this sudden change with the airlines companies was already probably predicated from time ago.

It’s a bad time for Qunar that just signed its partnership contract based on sharing actions with the leader of online travelling service in China : C Trip.

Ctrip qunar

Some think that this bad news could probably messed the relation between C Trip and Qunar but C Trip is keeping in mind that Qunar is 100% backing by the Giant Baidu and this is a key point that cannot be neglected above all about the C Trip ranking visibility on Baidu.